Batwoman’s Javic Leslie tells the story of the Red Death in The Flash

Flash season 9 spoilers follow.

BatwomanJavicia Leslie gave directions Flashthe story of the Red Death.

Arrowverse fans got a huge surprise when it turned out that the mysterious masked speedster turned out to be Ryan Wilder – or at least a variant of Ryan from another universe, in which he is Barry Allen’s archnemesis.

While the answers lie ahead as to why this version of Ryan is after Barry (not to mention what happened to the real Ryan from Barry’s world), Javicia has promised that the Red Death will not allow the Cosmic Treadmill to be destroyed.

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“Well, you know I can’t take it lying down,” she said TV line.

“[Ryan] has a very solid plan B, and plan B will be a lot of fun. That’s what I’m excited for fans to see.”

Soon after Batwomanappeal last year Flash showrunner Eric Wallace told Javicii that she would be brought back for the final season of the series hosted by Grant Gustin.

Javicia joins fellow Arrowverse veterans Stephen Amell (Arrow), Keiynan Lonsdale (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Nicole Maine (Awesome girl) and many Rogues returning to these finals Flash episodes.

Javic Leslie

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It looks like the Arrowverse is coming to an end Flashof the finale, Javicia said she was grateful for the chance to give Ryan Wilder a proper ending.

“I told Eric [Wallace]that it feels like a good goodbye – not just a goodbye Batwoman but goodbye Flash and a lot from the Arrowverse,” said the actress.

“I’m really happy that Eric was able to be many of us back to really say goodbye.”

FlashThe CW’s final season continues in the US. Sky presentation AND NOW air the show in the UK.

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