Chief Picard responds to a surprising performance in Season 3 Episode 3

Star Trek: Picard spoilers follow.

Star Trek: Picard boss Terry Matalas responded to a surprise appearance in episode 3 where a returned Star Trek generations actor.

Thomas Dekker appeared in episode 3 Picardthe current third season as Titus Rikker, a character later revealed to be the Changeling.

However, this is not the first time that Dekker appears in the film Star Trek franchise. Once upon a time, in 1994, when he was a child, Dekker played the lead role Star Trek generations as the pretend son of Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) in a series of visions.

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Only speaking to Digital spyshowrunner Terry Matalas has opened up about the decision to bring Dekker back now – just as Picard’s son has become so central to the story.

When asked if bringing Dekker back was a conscious choice, Matalas said, “No, he just auditioned for the role and he’s fantastic.”

According to Matalas, the cameo was a complete mistake, and he didn’t even realize the connection until filming began.

“It didn’t really occur to us until we were shooting that that was the case [Dekker] was […] some of it before,” said Matalas.

“But wow, is he good in this scene? Yes. Like he was that good.”

Gates Mcfadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek Picard season 3


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Dekker’s performance wasn’t the only standout moment of season 3’s third episode, which also saw fans confront Jean-Luc Sir Patrick Stewart and Dr. Beverly Crusher by Gates McFadden.

Only chat with Digital spy about the scene McFadden said: “Well, first of all, I’m glad it was something special to watch.

“As for me, I was delighted to have a scene filled with these kinds of conflicts, because when you work with the people you’ve worked with, you love their work and you know it’s going to be fun, and I had a great day and we did it pretty quickly.”

Star Trek: Picard emitted Paramount+and UK viewers can also watch the show in Best video.

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