CoD: Warzone 2 Ashika Island Easter Eggs You Should Try

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 season 2 added the brand new Ashika Island Resurgence map, and the little island is full of Easter eggs. Here, we’re going to walk you through some of the newly discovered Easter Eggs, each of which will be worth trying at the start of a match for high-tier rewards.

Power plant Easter egg

The Ashika Island Power Station was already a great place to loot, but now there’s a small Easter egg step that can be completed here for extra rewards.

When you enter the building and go down to the lower level, you will notice stairs and a path leading underground. The door on the right is locked in this hallway, but there are switches on the wall that you can interact with to open it.

First power switch
First power switch

To unlock this extra loot room, you need to press four switches in a specific order. Fortunately, it’s not too complicated. You just want to start with the stairs leading to the corridor. The first switch you need to hit is on the wall to your right. Hit this one and turn left to go down the corridor. There are three more switches on the walls and you’ll want to hit them in the order you reach them. Once you get to the fourth switch, the loot room should open up to several high-level orange loot boxes.

Easter egg from the drone

The Drone Easter Egg is a really quick way to get extra loot. In every match, look at the sky to find the drone. This special drone looks very similar to the scout and bomber drones found in the game, but this particular drone is very high up in the sky. Shoot him down and he’ll drop a supply crate that you can open. It will be marked on the map as a gift box icon. Contains random items such as armor plates, equipment, and usually a UAV or other tracer.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to shoot him down, even if you don’t have a rocket launcher. Just use something with range like an assault rifle or light machine gun.

Shuriken Easter egg

To do this, go to the Port Ruins location on the island. This area is located on a hill between Beach Club and Port Ashika. There’s a set of four barrels on top of the ruins, and in one of the barrels you’ll find a shuriken (throwing star). You’ll want to grab the one off the barrel.

Once you catch it, a minigame will start. A decoy soldier will appear nearby, which you must destroy with a throwing star. Destroy it, take your shurikens and another lure will appear in the area. To complete this minigame, you must destroy four decoys with your shuriken.

Shuriken barrels
Shuriken barrels

You have to be really quick here because you only seem to have a few seconds to locate and hit each one. It doesn’t seem like it can be repeated if you fail and you’ll have to try again in your next match. However, the loot is a pretty decent early match loot, assuming you land here first. You can get items like cash, random fully equipped weapons, and at least one standalone spawn.

Easter egg with wind chime

You’ll want to head to Ashika Island’s residential area for this Easter egg. There are wind chimes all over the island, but there are five round wind chimes that are exclusive to this area. The screenshots below show the exact locations on the minimap.

These wind chimes must be fired in a specific order to complete an Easter egg. The order in which you must hit them is randomized in each matchbut some of them are marked with numbers to help you.


One is hanging on a metal frame around the garden with the number written on the pots below.

To find the next location, walk slightly west out of the garden to the adjacent white house with a two-story balcony. The wind chime hangs from the balcony, but you’ll want to enter the building and climb the stairs to see the number sitting on a white chair.

Another one can be found by going to the smaller white building that is in the middle of the first row of houses in the residential area. Wind chimes hang from the covered porch. The number is on the wall just behind the bells.

You’ll find another set of wind chimes hanging from the top corner of a two-story building near the road. There is a window right next to it and you can look inside to see the order number on the floor.

Finally, the fifth location is in a small building in the eastern part of the residential area. The chimes hang in the corner just behind the fence. This is the only location that doesn’t have a number on it, so just use the elimination process here in numerical order.

Note: A correct shot will give you a blue visual indicator around the wind chime, but you won’t get any visual effect if you shoot in the wrong order.

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