Cointelegraph Markets Pro Crypto Recovery Summit Winter Summit

During the live summit, “The Crypto Winter Recovery Plan”, Cointelegraph Markets Pro revealed how traders were able to mostly avoid a shocking 75% pullback in the cryptocurrency market while delivering staggering returns.

The Cointelegraph Markets Pro team says that while hodlers tied their capital to the capitulating market, Agile Markets Pro members were able to leverage institutional-level real-time crypto market analysis to capture significant risk-adjusted returns. The results were stunning!

Cointelegraph Markets professional traders were able to secure a return of up to 120x their initial investment – 12,000% instead of 120% – using alerts triggered by the NewsQuakes™ indicator, one of several indicators located on an easy-to-navigate dashboard…

Trade returns for news alerts. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

This means that anyone who bought every NewsQuakes™ list alert and only held it for an hour, from January 2021 to November 2022, would turn every $100 into $12,000 and every $10,000 into $1.2 million USD. While in the same period, the cryptocurrency market lost two-thirds of its total value.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro Dashboard.

The secret to better results is the Cointelegraph Markets Pro platform. During the live event, the Cointelegraph Markets Pro team argued that the platform is the most active cryptocurrency trading service in the world – and the results back up that claim.

Last year, a small group of traders used the platform to generate an average of 17 double-digit winning trades per month, with a few triple-digit winners:

  • 148% profit on DIGG in 84 hours
  • 127% profit on XMON in 36 hours
  • 111% profit on EUL in 36 hours
  • 152% profit on SANTOS in 96 hours
  • 148% profit on STG in 12 hours

Essentially, Cointelegraph Markets Pro is an institutional grade trading platform that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to generate alerts of potential price changes before they occur.

Historically, this kind of technology was only available to the Wall Street elite. Now, the same AI-powered tech institutions they use to beat the market are available to retail investors.

“This is truly the only cryptocurrency trading platform in the world that alerts you to a combination of social media activity and big, real-time market-changing news…before most cryptocurrency traders realize the news is affecting the market” Russell DeCorte.

The Cointelegraph Markets Pro platform is not a trading system or trading bot; rather, it is a solid institution-grade crypto market analysis platform. The platform gives traders real-time alerts based on three flagship indicators.

1. NewsEarthquakes™

Newsquakes™ from the dashboard view and asset returns (left). Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

The NewsQuakes™ indicator provides real-time alerts generated by events that have the greatest impact on asset prices. The best examples of NewsQuakes™ include stock quotes and affiliate classifieds.

2. VORTECS™ results

Top VORTECS™ asset scores within 24 hours. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

The VORTECS™ score compares various factors including current asset sentiment, Twitter activity, trading volume and price movements with historical data and gives a score of 1 to 100. A high score suggests that current asset market conditions have been historically bullish over the past 24 hours.

Traders used the VORTECS™ score to generate the following returns:

  • 66% profit on ALEPH in 36 hours
  • 44% profit on RAD in 48 hours
  • 33% profit on HXRO in 24 hours

The opposite is also true for the VORTECS™ Score, which means that a low score usually correlates with bearish asset conditions.

3. Tweet moods

Volume profile of five Twitter assets and their relative changes. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

This metric measures the positivity or negativity of Twitter conversations around a single coin. The cryptocurrency market is extremely sensitive to sentiment, which is the dominant attitude of investors to a given coin. Moods range from positive to neutral to negative.

Armed with these three powerful tools, traders were able to capture:

  • 99% profit on MNW within 24 hours
  • 125% profit on SWINGBY in 72 hours
  • 208% profit on BSW in 4 hours
  • 99% profit on PRQ in 96 hours
  • 167% profit on WING in 72 hours

Here’s the craziest part – these gains were captured over a six-month period when the market fell 60%. Stock takes 208% profit from BSW in four hours while hodlers view their portfolio by more than half. The monetary appreciation is exceptional, of course, but the emotional gain can be even more rewarding.

Sophisticated doesn’t mean complicated

While the Cointelegraph Markets Pro platform incorporates complex AI technology, it has been designed to be easy to use for the individual retail trader. The summit made it clear; reaping the benefits of a Newsquakes™ alert, for example, can be a simple five-step process:

  • Receive Newsquakes™ notification.
  • Go to the Newsquakes™ page in Cointelegraph Markets Pro.
  • Navigate to Newsquakes™ highlights and sort them by “latest” to find the latest alerts.
  • Click on the name of the token in the list to go to the page with the list of individual tokens.
  • Scroll down to the “most liquid pairs” section, select an exchange and click “trade”.

That’s all!

The value of Cointelegraph Markets Pro

“Giant cryptocurrency trading institutions pay up to $60,000 a year for this kind of information,” Cointelegraph Markets Pro Crypto Winter Recovery Summit shared. “You’re about to get the offer of a lifetime!”

While most investors’ cryptocurrency wallets were wiped out in 2022, Cointelegraph Markets Pro users could access four win notifications per week, 17 win notifications per month, and 204 win notifications per year.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro users continue to conquer the market in 2023. They are ready to discover alpha regardless of market conditions. To join these successful users, membership is just a click away on the link below.

Watch how Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers market-changing data before that information becomes known to the public.

Cointelegraph is a publisher of financial information, not an investment advisor. We do not provide personalized or individualized investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments and carry significant risks, including the risk of permanent and complete loss. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Figures and graphs are correct at the time of writing or otherwise. Live tested strategies are not recommendations. Consult a financial advisor before making financial decisions.

All ROIs listed are correct as of March 7, 2023.

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