Conscious content: How to create an environmentally friendly branding strategy

Startup branding can be a tough nut to crack. With so much competition weighing on new entrepreneurs, it may be time to leverage sustainability if you want to create a brand identity that starts with your potential consumers.

With over 66% of consumers now ready to pay more for ethically sourced goods, in 2023 implementing sustainable development in the company is a must. With COP26 aiming for global net zero by 2050, high street giants are pioneering the future of green branding. From sustainable swimwear collections to eco-friendly collections, brands are doing everything they can to show their consumers that they put the planet first.

If start-up brands want a chance at online dominance in the fierce e-commerce sector, they should also think about green branding. From conscious social media content to improving website transparency, building an environmentally friendly marketing strategy is good for the planet and your brand’s return on investment.

However, according to experts from Branding Mag, those who choose green branding should be in it for the right reasons.

“The key to building an effective marketing strategy for a sustainable brand is to genuinely care about the cause with passion,” they say. “If you’re thinking of using sustainability as a marketing tactic, think again – it’s so much more than a method of gaining new audiences, and it’s a matter of necessity for both the business world and the environment.”

If you’re ready to go green, here are five ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into your startup’s 2023 branding strategy.

How to create conscious content as a startup

Did you know about it 81% of buyers want all the companies they interact with to be environmentally conscious in their content strategy?

To create organic content, you need to immerse yourself in sustainable practices. Take the time to learn more about sustainable manufacturing and find ways to reduce your workforce around carbon offsetting and ethical sourcing. You can’t convince consumers if you don’t promote sustainability for the right reasons.

After taking the time to dive into a sustainable future, it’s time to start creating content that reflects your eco-friendly practices. From positioning yourself as an opinion leader to writing educational blog content, here are 5 ways to add sustainability to your strategy.

1. Become an opinion leader

Making your voice heard online has never been easier. Thanks to the ability to connect to any social channel in a few seconds, you can quickly become a representative of the organic industry in your community.

Building a brand image from scratch can be difficult, so it’s important to stay on top of viral sustainable trends and developments so you can take a stand and share your thoughts. As your platform grows, switch from being a conversation commentator to a conversation initiator. Start talking about how your brand is making a difference and share your plans to improve sustainability in the future.

2. Start thematic content

There are many eco-friendly events throughout the year that provide a great starting point for your content theme. World Earth Day is a perfect example of this. Why not create a themed week with social content about the origins and meaning of World Earth Day?

Using hashtags like #EarthDay or #WorldEarthDay2023 will help your content appear in popular searches as the event approaches, increasing your chances of engagement and brand interest.

3. Create a blog

Creating conscious content goes much further than social media. If you want your website to be seen as a sustainable player as well, it’s time to start editing your web content for an eco-friendly audience.

This includes writing blog posts. It’s a great place to post company news, delve into what inspired your brand to be sustainable, and explain in depth how your startup intends to contribute to a greener future with its products and services.

The eco-friendly glasses brand Eyeglasses is a perfect example of this. Using Vision Magazine as a sharing platform more information on sustainable industry practices while publishing content on healthcare, philosophy and fashion, their approach to conscious content continues to drive visitors to their site.

4. Repurpose your content

To grow your content platforms, you need to post regularly across all your channels. This can be time consuming, especially for a startup brand.

This is where re-destination comes into play. The key here is just spending 20% of your time creating a framework for your content.

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You should spend the other 80% editing the same article to disperse it on other social media as well. For example, a YouTube video can be shortened to a 30-second clip for TikTok.

This will save you time and energy while making your brand look more consistent and credible as an opinion leader across social channels.

5. Start collaborating with other eco-friendly brands

The easiest way to grow online is to start networking in your industry. If you’re a sustainable start-up looking to gain a voice, why not partner with a more established “green brand” in your industry for a social content set or blog mention exchange?

Collaborate between Reformation and New Balance for example. The two fashion brands have teamed up to take New Balance’s new range of sustainable footwear to the next level. Following the Reformation’s green voice in the fashion industry, the brands created a series of collaborative sustainability content on social media while promoting the new New Balance line.

A greener future for startups?

Huge 82% of startups plan to increase spending on green marketing in 2023, according to a new survey by Environmental Leader. The question is, can a greener future be on the cards and can startups be the starting point for change?

“Strive to do better and keep going when you reach your goals,” says Branding Mag. “Being sustainable is a matter of survival for both old and new brands, because if you don’t care, consumers will find the same product or service but from a brand that does.”

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