Denver Fashion Week Day 2: Children’s Fashion Show

On the second day of Denver Fashion Week, a unique event took place: the Kids Couture Show. In this show, everyone in the crowd was captivated by the brilliance, grace and confidence of the young models in this show of youthful style and innovation.

Kids Couture designers presented a selection of styles that embodied both sophistication and fun, from colorful and trendy to sparkling dresses and sportswear for girls. Designers were able to create pieces that looked stunning on the runway.

The show kicked off with an amazing performance by Mr Cherry Creek Dance Studiowhich gave the audience a lively mood and a preview of what was to come. Four seniors from the studio performed for the third time at DFW. Everyone was very excited, gave it their all and showed up on the second day of DFW.

“I feel really excited about this performance, especially since it’s one of our last performances as seniors, and that I can do the dances that we like to do,” said Madison Quarles of Cherry Creek Dance Studio.

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The dance uniform was an all-white leotard with fringed ends, giving it a 1920s vibe. The girls came out with amazing energy, captivating the whole audience with their talent and skills. Dancing to the rhythm of “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”, there was an atmosphere of impudence, fun and amazing attitudes.

Natalie Burl, another studio senior, said, “I think it’s really special to see me grow and see how everything has changed, and even how Denver Fashion Week has changed.”

Rainey’s wardrobe, a great children’s clothing rental company debuted beautiful fluffy and feathery gowns at the Kids Couture show. Pastels and roses were a constant element of the entire collection. On the runway, each model was adorned with wonderfully matching tiaras or headdresses, and on the runway princesses incarnate.

Rainey’s wardrobe. Photography by Jas Kitterman.

Lauryn Carr, who appeared at Rainey’s Closet in a stunning light pink fluffy gown, with a tiara and sparkling eye makeup, said for the first time at DFW: “It’s really funny, everyone is so helpful and kind and they all look so beautiful. . The dress is so big and beautiful and I’ve never done all the glam, but I’m so excited to fight for DFW.”

Rainey’s Closet also features a very special model this spring, Lucy, the first ever Make-A-Wish baby to pass DFW. She was dressed in a beautiful pink and sparkling dress and tiara and sparkled on the runway.

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Rainey’s wardrobe. Lucy from Make-A-Wish. Photography by Jas Kitterman.

Heart of Thrift, a local family designer, presented stylish and bright children’s clothes inspired by “thriftiness”. Glitter stars on the knees of the pants were the only design trend that stood out. Overall, the most charming aspect of the event was the children’s confidence as they walked the runway. They ended their part of the Kids Couture show with balloons with the inscription “We love mom”.

Heart of Savings. Photography by Jas Kitterman.

Reegan Romero, daughter of the creator of Heart of Thrift, walked around DFW for the third time this spring. “I like this outfit, and doing it is a good experience.”

Last, but certainly not least, the designer to announce her work on the second day of DFW was Dragonwing Girl. A line of girls’ sportswear that featured metallic and colorful prints on the runway. The girls’ energy radiated confidence, no matter their age.

Dragon Girl. Photography by Jas Kitterman.

Unforgettable moment with Dragon Girldebut was the memoir of Grace Baca. A young girl who died in November 2022 due to a brain injury. Baca’s best friend and fellow dance troupe member Hadley Rathbun passed in her honor to the last song Baca danced to. In her honor, Dragonwing Girl designed a beautiful pink “Gracie Leo” leotard. All proceeds from the sale of this leotard will be donated to charity Grace Baca Foundationan organization that helps people with brain injuries.

Image courtesy of Dragonwing Girl.

“Her mum wanted to create a leotard dedicated to her heritage, and we created it so other girls could dance in it and remember her. She loved the color pink and loved to dance. I am excited about this opportunity,” said Rathbun.

“Gracie Leo”, Dragonwing Girl. Photography by Jas Kitterman.

The entire Dragonwing Girl team, models and their parents also wore bright pink chain bracelets in Baca’s honor at the Kids Couture show, making for a special moment Baca’s family will never forget.

What really made the event stand out was the self-confidence and charisma of the young models. They strutted the runway with grace and style, showcasing designer creations with ease. Models varied in age, height and ethnicity, adding to the inclusiveness of the event.

The Kids Couture show at Denver Fashion Week was a huge success. The designer creations were beautifully crafted and the young models brought them to life with their grace and confidence. It was a great celebration of youth, style and creativity. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these talented designers and models.

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