Dragon Age: Origins deserves a remaster with “extremely realistic textures for slippery nipples,” says lead writer

“If we want to remaster games from the ground up,” mused David Gaider, lead writer on all three Dragon Age games Twitter (opens in a new tab)“what about Dragon Age Origins? Its graphics were behind even at launch… can you imagine that with all-new bells and whistles from the PS5 era? 🥳”

We’ll forgive the mention of PS5 to give this question the seriousness it deserves. After 2008’s well-received remake of Dead Space and remakes of 2003’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, 2005’s Resident Evil 4 and 2007’s first The Witcher game, it certainly feels like the time has come. While Gaider hinted at a remaster rather than a remake, there’s a fine line between the two, as explained by fellow former BioWare employee Mark Darrah (opens in a new tab).

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