EastEnders Spoilers – Elaine’s Secret Revealed

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders will reveal Elaine Peacock’s secret plans for the Queen Vic in upcoming scenes.

Elaine, now played by Harriet Thorpe, will return to Walford this week and reveal herself as the new co-owner of the pub.

This causes tension between both Linda’s best friend Sharon and the Panesar family, who believed they had a chance at owning the company.

Elaine Peacock, Easterners


As Elaine and Linda deal with the aftermath of The Vic’s subsequent break-in, Linda is upset when Elaine seems unfazed by Mick’s ruined photo.

Elaine soon finds instant success with the men of Walford, wooing them with free drinks, but Linda becomes annoyed when her mum begins to alter The Vic’s normal functioning.

Elaine soon discovers that the Panesar are behind the break-in, and her suspicions are confirmed after talking to Eve.

Linda Carter, Elaine Peacock, Eastenders


While Elaine is determined to defeat Nish, a worried Eve tries to convince her to give up her vendetta against the Panesar – claiming Linda doesn’t need the extra stress right now.

Because Eve’s words ring true, Elaine has a heart-to-heart talk with Linda about the loss of Mick, and the two vow to support each other.

However, later Elaine calls a mystery man and hopes he will transfer to The Vic as well.

Alfie Moon, Elaine Peacock, Eastenders


Elaine also wants to get rid of Alfie, who works behind the bar and doesn’t impress him when he’s late for his shift.

Wanting to impress her, Alfie uses his charm to propose a cocktail night, mixing a few signature drinks for Kat and Phil as a toast to Peggy.

Kat senses Elaine’s hesitation towards Alfie and subtly stands up for him, but is Elaine determined yet?

EastEnders aired Mondays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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