Emmerdale Spoilers (May 15-19)

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Next week Emmerdale episodes, Mack is determined to fight for Charity’s love while the effects of his childhood secret continue.

Meanwhile, Moira is in danger of losing the farm to Kim due to Caleb’s plot.

Elsewhere, Wendy and Liam grow closer.

Here are seven important moments to watch out for.

1. Continuation of Mack’s lies

Charity Dingle, Mack Boyd, Emmerdale


When Mack’s secret about the baby is revealed, he is embarrassed by Moira’s harsh words, who realize the extent of his lies. But something about Moira’s tough love convinces him to fight for his love and make things right with Charity.

Meanwhile, Amy is horrified to hear that Mack is Reuben’s dad and struggles to understand what Chloe has done.

2. Moira is struggling financially

moira, cain dingle, emmerdale


Wanting to keep Kim aside, Caleb convinces her that he can convince Moira to sell Butler to her, and watches as Moira’s farm falls into financial ruin.

Defeated by the state of her business, a devastated Moira admits to Cain that she sees no way to keep the farm afloat. They don’t know that Caleb is watching from afar…

3. Caleb offers Moria a way out

Moira Dingle, Caleb, Emmerdale


Moira turns to Caleb for financial advice, leaving Cain wary. Caleb says he may have found a solution – but she won’t like it. Moira is appalled when Caleb offers Kim to sell land for her stud farm.

With no other choice, Moira swallows her pride and tells Kim to make her an offer. She has no idea it ended up right in Caleb’s hands.

4. Nicky and Caleb try to hack into Kim’s laptop

Kim, Caleb, Emmerdale


As Caleb goes ahead with his plans for the stud, Nicky struggles to log into Kim’s laptop and after several failed attempts to guess her password, he nearly locks the laptop. Stressed about being caught, he tells Caleb that they have to find another way.

Later in the week, Caleb’s suspicious contact Adrian gives him a USB stick that will help him hack into Kim’s laptop and access all of her passwords and bank details.

5. Jimmy’s efforts backfire

Jimmy KingEmmerdale


After all his attempts to bond with his nephew, Jimmy becomes increasingly discouraged by Tom’s hesitation about spending time with the King family.

While showing Tom around the junkyard and telling him about the trucking business, Jimmy is hurt when Tom runs off after a brief and incidental mention of his father, Carl.

6. Wendy learns Liam’s secret

Wendy Posner, Liam Cavanagh, Emmerdale


Wendy and Liam’s friendship blossoms when Wendy discovers a startling secret about Liam – he is a secretly published author.

Under the alias Anna Le Monde, Liam has kept his alter ego a secret until now, but Wendy is thrilled to learn the truth and helps him finish the story when he gets stuck.

Enjoying each other’s company, Wendy decides to take part in a murder mystery with Liam, but is shocked when she lies to Bob about it.

7. Mandy struggles with her feelings

Paddy Kirk, Mandy Dingle, Emmerdale


After last week’s impulsive kiss, Mandy tried to do the right thing and put Paddy’s sanity ahead of her own wishes and rejected him.

But despite her selfless act, Mandy fights back next week. He knows he has to go on with his life, but he still only looks at Paddy – how will he deal with the heartache?

Emmerdale aired weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV1 and broadcast on ITVX.

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