Emmerdale spoilers – Samson demands another shock

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale Teenage Samson Dingle has another nasty surprise for his cousin Noah tonight (February 27).

Samson made £2,000 last week after encouraging Noah to pay him back in exchange for staying away from Amelia Spencer and baby Esther.

When Samson and Amelia’s daughter was born last October, Samson shocked everyone with his stubborn refusal to have anything to do with her.

In more recent episodes, Samson has apparently suddenly changed his mind. He became interested in Esther’s upbringing after hearing that Amelia’s boyfriend, Noah, had received a trust fund containing thousands of pounds.

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Coming up with a cunning plan to make Noah feel insecure, Samson suggested he take his place in an attempt to get closer to Amelia and Esther.

Noah got so paranoid that he voluntarily gave up the two thousand when Samson revealed he wanted the money to stay away. He was disappointed when Samson later suggested that he would not disappear so easily.

On Monday’s episode, Samson is in high spirits after Noah’s money-spending spree.

His joy could not be more different from that of his family, who are struggling to make ends meet in the face of the ongoing cost of living crisis. Samson’s dad, Sam, also wishes he could do more to support Esther.

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Samson is having so much fun that he decides to see if he can extort even more money from Noah.

During a tense meeting at a coffee shop, Noah reluctantly agrees to give Samson another £2,000 bribe.

Noah hopes that’s enough to keep Samson away from Amelia and Esther, but is that just wishful thinking?

Emmerdale aired weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV1 and broadcast on ITVX.

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