Emmerdale star Lisa Riley reveals why show bosses made Amelia change her mind

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley revealed why the show bosses made one particular change to the character of Amelia Spencer.

As fans will know, Amelia started working alongside Mandy Dingle in the salon, but that wasn’t always her plan.

It came about when the actresses playing Mandy and Amelia – Lisa Riley and Daisy Campbell respectively – were working together on a project outside of the soap and got along very well.

Mandy Dingle is hurt to see Amelia Spencer's new look, Emmerdale


“We did a show United Kingdom Sing for ITV, me and Daisy coped like a house on fire,” said Riley Soap inside. “The producers said they saw this camaraderie, so they put Amelia in the living room.

“She has her PampaManda apron, she’s campy and frothy. But we also play a serious story where she is a young mom and struggles with the lack of a teenage social life.

“May it last a long time because working with Daisy is a total joy,” she continued. “She’s so professional – and she lets me insert comedy, which is really good.

Elsewhere, Amelia struggled with health anxiety following the recent discovery of a lump in her breast. Waiting to know if the tumor is cancerous causes him to worry about the future of his daughter Esther.

Mandy Dingle changes the look of Amelia Spencer, Emmerdale


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Mandy also had a rough time after her potential reunion with Paddy Dingle aired a setback.

The former couple spent several one-night stands together after Paddy’s split from wife Chas Dingle while Paddy struggles with his mental health.

Last week, Mandy showed how supportive she is and said she would do her best before kissing her.

“You’ve been so nice to me,” Paddy said. “I repay you by throwing myself at you. Sorry. Forgive me, let’s pretend this never happened.”

Embarrassed, Paddy ran off before Mandy could respond, leaving her confused about her own feelings.

Emmerdale aired weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV1 and broadcast on ITVX.

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