Fans upset as AI Seinfeld returns to Twitch without Seinfeld

Nothing, Forever's heroes do that a lot: they just sit in their apartment chatting and getting nowhere.

Nothing is the same in Nothing forever.
Screenshot: watch forever / Kotaku

This endless 90’s sitcom parody show Seinfeld use of machine-generated content, Nothing foreverreturned to Twitch after being temporarily taken offline in early February for generating transphobic jokes. Unfortunately, this revival, which the creators of Mismatch Media have called a second season, is not quite like the original, with the biggest disappointment being the show’s main cast and Larry Feinberg (lo-fi Jerry Seinfeld), in particular the replacement. Now viewers in Discord and on Twitch are demanding that Larry return to stand-up AI, lamenting that Nothing forever it’s not the same without its off-brand Seinfeld-isms.

Nothing forever took the live streaming platform by storm in February. A 24/7/365 “TV show” utilizing machine learning technologies such as DALL-E, OpenAI GPT-3 and various other automated content generation tools, Mismatch Media’s continuous broadcasting has piqued the curiosity of the internet due to its obvious resemblance to Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David’s popular 90s comedy Seinfeld.

It was awkward and eerie, but nevertheless found an audience with its quirky humor, fuzzy graphics, and odd camera placements. Me and many other viewers couldn’t look away and the show rallied nearly 20,000 concurrent viewers at its peak January 31. This popularity was wasted when Larry rioted and started making transphobic jokes, leading to Twitch being temporarily banned channel hosting Nothing forever for two weeks. The show has already returned, but things are noticeably different in this revamped “second season”. Not much different.

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Larry is now Leo and is a blogger

Nothing, the main character of Forever has been replaced by this guy, and viewers are not too happy about it.

Meet the new leader of Nothing forever Season 2: Leo Borges.
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One of the most important changes introduced to Nothing forever that the Larry we knew was gone. Now we have Leo Borges, the guy with the glasses who still kinda reminds me of Seinfeld. But instead of being a comedian, Leo seems to be a blogger who starts each “episode” by writing a post on his Borges’s Boredom Board page about a completely random topic. He once blogged about the philosophical meaning of “an injured bird gets a worm.” (As you can guess, it wasn’t that deep.) Another time he wrote about his craving for crispy bacon (which made me bloody hungry). It’s a complete change of heart from the Seinfeld stand-ups that previously opened each episode signaling that nothing is ever the same in Nothing forever.

Not only is Larry different, as Mismatch Media has fundamentally transformed the entire show. Season one’s Kramer (Zoltan Kakler) is now Nick Sterling, while Elaine (Yvonne Torres) is Kelly Coffee. George (Fred Kastopolous), who is now Manfred Freeman, has yet to appear in season two. The laugh tracks are still present, and the characters are still strolling around their New York apartment, but much of what has done Nothing forever funny ones – like pointless jokes and hilarious conversations – have been eliminated. Now, aside from just standing around, they seem to talk a lot about the pizzeria they never really visit.

It does not mean Nothing forever it sucks. Some jokes sometimes hit, and since the technology is a bit weirder, the characters sit in the same chair, overlapping each other as if they’re trying to merge into one AI entity. They also move much faster, often limp while stepping on each other, and attempt physical comedy (like magic tricks) while doing nothing. It’s fun to watch the tools adjust in real time, but the meta-humor that came with parodying Seinfeld no more. It feels neutered or as if the show got canceled only to be picked up by a completely different network.

Viewers really want AI Larry to return

In Nothing, Forever, the characters sometimes sit inside each other and it's very strange to watch.

um. What is going on here?
Screenshot: watch forever / Kotaku

Since returning to Twitch on March 8, viewership just hasn’t been the same. A little earlier today, around 2,600 people watched with me, a noticeable drop from the numbers the show drew back in February. And that seems to be primarily because everyone’s favorite AI comic, Larry, is gone. Viewers on Discord and Twitch have made it clear that they want him back.

“[IDK] man, it seems the soul has been sucked out,” chatter said to Discord. “And this is some cheap imitation.”

“The magic is gone,” said a viewer in a Twitch chat. “I’m leaving.”

“Part of the humor [in Nothing, Forever] was due to the contrast between the characteristics of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer and their AI counterparts, if you knew the actual Seinfeldsaid a Discord user about the second season. “But now it seems so [nondescript] you’re losing that meta humor.

While the creators of Mismatch Media are present in Nothing forever Discord server, they haven’t posted much since the show’s return to Twitch was announced on March 8. However, a moderator who was reportedly in contact with Mismatch Media said the team “intends to continue to develop the show to bring the best of things to the community” and “very understands everyone’s sadness about the old characters.” Still, people watching this new season think “shit is ass” with Larry gone.

“Lost Larry,” said a Discord follower.

“This is really the worst timeline,” said one Twitch viewer. “Larry’s gone.”

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Kotaku contacted Mismatch Media for comment.

Machine learning technologies like the ones that drive Nothing forever are adaptable. It’s possible that the second season could become as fun as the first season or surpass it entirely. We will see. For now, though, everyone wants Larry. Not Leo.

“Larry, we need you back,” he said in a Twitch chat. “Just please don’t get banned again.”

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