Fortnite: Encrypted Cipher quest locations

In Fortnite Patch 23.50 update, added a new crypto questline that gives you several quests that reward you with experience, spray, loading screen, emoticon, and cover art upon completion. However, the questline also contained “encrypted cipher quests” that require cracking a code to decrypt the quest’s location. Solving the puzzle can be quite difficult, so let’s help! Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn how to decipher the quest names and where to go to complete the Encrypted Cipher quests in Fortnite.

How to unscramble scramble missions in Fortnite

Crack the Fortnite encryption code with a Fortnite status tweet and a Fortnite screenshot.

Graphics: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Image credits: Epic Games, @Fortnite Status/Twitter

The Fortnite Status Twitter account posted a tweet about when the downtime for patch 23.50 would start, but also included the cipher at the beginning of the tweet: “3 18 1 3 11 20 8 5 3 15 4 5”. if you replace the numbers in order with the corresponding letters of the alphabet, you will get “Break the codewhich means players will have to do this for the quest names alone. However, there is an additional step that can be found in Fortnite when you look at cipher tasks. You have to subtract the numbers in the loop sequence found in the message on the quest page ( from the number sequence in each of the quest names. (The first number in the looped sequence must be subtracted from the first number in the task name sequence, etc.) After subtracting the numbers, replace them with letters of the alphabet to find the real code.

Stage 1 of 3 – — Kowadło Square

  1. Go to the eastern garage building in Anvil Square Fortnite. If you need help locating the building, take a look at the image above for help.
  2. Smash the locker inside to reveal the stairs to the underground bunker.
  3. Go downstairs and find the next encrypted cipher on the wall.
  4. Interact with the message to unlock the next stage.

Stage 2 of 2 – 1.22. 22/16/15/10/20/21. 2/17/26/12 – Split Bowl Spray

A map showing the location of the Splits Bowl in Fortnite, along with an image of the building and an unpeeled banana.

Graphics: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Image credit: Epic Games

  1. Head to Splits Bowl, a bowling alley in Faulty Splits. If you need help locating a bowling alley, see the image above for help.
  2. Enter the bowling alley and open the emote wheel by pressing the D-Pad on consoles or press ‘B’ on PC.
  3. Spray the Distant Roar special spray on any surface inside the Splits Bowl to complete the quest.

Stage 2 of 3 – – Lone Labs

The location of the Lonely Labs storage container for the Fortnite Encrypted Ciphers quest shown in the map and in-game screenshot of Itachi Uchiha in this area.

Graphics: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Image credit: Epic Games

  1. Go to the Lonely Labs, which are located near the north-eastern part of the map in Fortnite.
  2. Go into the open storage next to the checkpoint flag. If you need help locating the container, take a look at the image above for help.
  3. Go down the stairs and interact with any computer on the lower floor to complete the quest.

Stage 3 of 3 – – Shattered Plates

A map showing the Shattered Slabs area in Fortnite, along with an in-game screenshot of the location.  Amogus.  Blue among us.

Graphics: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Image credit: Epic Games

  1. Head to the Northwest Shattered Slabs region and make your way up the multi-tiered hill. If you need help locating the area, see the image above for help.
  2. Climb to the top of the hill to reach the covered area.
  3. Swing the collection tool at the designated spot on the floor to reveal the hidden arcade machine and complete the quest.

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