Front Row @ Versace Fall 2023 Front Row @ Versace Fall 2023

Miley Cyrus front row @ Versace Fall 2023

Due to expected rainfall on Friday, Versace’s Fall 2023 presentation was rescheduled for Thursday (March 8), and given the location, this was necessary as the drama, atmosphere, and background of the venue could not be recreated.

I’ve been to a lot of Versace shows – my favorite was the Spring 2018 Supermodel runway reunion – and when I found out that the Fall 2023 show was taking place in Los Angeles, I immediately booked a ticket.

Wherever Versace goes, I go. It was thanks to her that I fell in love with fashion, and participation in this show was a dream come true.

It made perfect sense to present this show in Los Angeles on Oscar week, when all the celebrities and stylists are in town.

Donatella Versace said: “For me, Los Angeles is a natural home for us because we share a DNA of energy, power, creativity and imagination. Together in this show, we share these values ​​around the world.”

As for the front row, it was full of celebrities, as you can imagine.

I positioned myself at the beginning of the step and repeated where they had gathered to take their picture.

Miley Cyrus she stood out the most because she opted for an extravagant outfit Atelier Versace Spring 2023 ombre dress.

The dress is light and airy, but the chains added a touch of chic to it, making it a perfect fit for Miley.

Atelier Versace Spring 2023
Lil Nas X at the Versace fall 2023 show

Lil Nas X walked the red carpet in this habit Versace look that featured elements from the fall 2023 collection.

Given this iconic Met Gala 2021 look, I’m sure his name was first on the invite list.

Watching him work on the red carpet was worth the trip alone. The guy has charisma.

Anne Hathaway appeared at the Versace fall 2023 show

Anne Hathaway AND Versace they turn out to be quite an unexpected duo.

The actress experimented a lot this year as she entered the bombshell era, which is perfectly demonstrated in this Versace crocodile embossed dress.

Looks like these Bulgarian jewels are her addition this week.

Lily James at the Versace fall 2023 show

Speaking of bombs, Lily James she purred like a black panther as she walked down the red carpet.

Dua Lipa Versace Fall 2023

You won’t be surprised to see it Dua Lipa he was there because the British singer is a longtime friend of the house, wearing it several times on the red carpet at musical ceremonies.

Dua let the dress say it all, and what a striking silhouette it is, with an exaggerated corset that was common on the runway.

We’ve already seen how Dua put a lot of emphasis on Versace bling, but this time she opted for only a gold bracelet.

Versace fall 2023
Lucien Laviscount at the Versace fall 2023 show

Remember that time when Lucien Laviscount back to “standard suit”?

Now that seems like a distant memory as the British actor has returned to his usual expressive self, rocking this Versace a light brown leather suit, with a Versace scarf that added so much glamor.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Versace Fall 2023

Gabriela Union AND Dwyane Wade made a stylish entrance as you’d expect.

She was ying in all black, for the more colorful yang Dwyane.

Versace Spring 2023
Simone Ashley at the Versace fall 2023 show

I consider myself very observant, but I was shocked Simon Ashley when I saw her on the red carpet.

Where are these legs from?

I was impressed.

I didn’t realize the British actress was giving an announcement Versace fall 2023 collection, as this fuchsia and black mini dress could later be seen on the runway.

Versace fall 2023
Allison Williams Versace fall 2023 show

Allison Williamswho has a sparkling promotional tour for her movie “M3GAN”, opted for a colorful Versace spring 2023 maxi dress with cargo pants.

I wasn’t a fan of the scarf, but I like the rest of the look.

Her beloved joined her Alexander Dreymon.

Versace Spring 2023
Ariana Debose Versace fall 2023

As you know, I wasn’t a big fan Ariana Debose she looks like she’s on the red carpet, but let me tell her one thing: she knows how to wreak havoc on the red carpet

So it’s even more sad that she didn’t give tools because she knows how to fine tune an outfit, I was mesmerized by how she can move. But I shouldn’t be surprised by her dancing background.

Bruna Marquezine Versace fall 2023

Bruno Marquezin it also gave us a preview of what was to take over the runway, but here I wasn’t crazy about accessories.

Versace fall 2023
Channin Tatum Versace fall 2023

Let me tell you, I almost fell out when I saw this Channing Tatum on that red carpet.

This photo – which I took myself – does not do it justice.

And the one with Tan France who wore a punk-inspired top from The Versace Spring 2023 on the runway as he watched his “Next In Fashion” co-host Gigi Hadid open the show.

Versace Spring 2023
Cher Versace fall 2023

Cher she looked as vibrant and energetic as ever in that shimmering purple Versace a look she could wear in any decade of her career.

Chris Lee decided on a surprisingly simple one Versace fall 2023 Look.

Versace fall 2023
Danielle Deadwyler at the Versace FW23 show

Girl of the moment Danielle Deadwyler she was distinguished by a spectacular, shiny bra.

Also those labels that many of you oppose are now appearing Versace jackets, jackets and coats.

Demi Moore Versace fall 2023

I love the transparency with the tailoring. Demi Moore looked so elegant.

Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton Versace fall 2023 show

It’s not a party in Los Angeles without Hilton. The most surprising thing about this painting is that Versace the platform that Katy is wearing.

Hunter Doohan at the Versace FW23 show

Hunter Doohan shook intriguingly Versace part of a bathing suit.

Marco Mengoni Versace fall 2023

Marco Mengoni was one of my favorites at the party. I especially love the so-called Versace fall 2023 mesh top.

Versace fall 2023
Matt Bomer Versace fall 2023 show

Matt Bomer is always the epitome of elegance and this one was no exception.

It was nice to see her rocking this purple shade. I would like to see more colors on it.

Michael Jae Rodriguez she channeled her inner Tina Turner into it Versace fringed mini dress.

Naomi Ackie at the Versace FW23 show

Naomi Ackie served climates of London street fashion z Versace Look.

Considering how the temperature dropped just before the show started, it made sense to wear this coat.

Pamela Anderson appeared at the Versace FW23 show

Versace by Pamela Anderson the look had the reworked Christmas tinsel and plenty of sparkle you’d expect from a Versace show.

I gasped as we walked side by side as she left the concert hall after the concert.

Sabrina Dhowre Elba at the Versace FW23 show

Sabrina Elba he was one of the first to arrive. The model sure loves the hooded look as she rocked this crumpled velvet Versace LBD.

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