HerVoice digital collections kick off Women’s History Month to elevate women around the world

All over the world, Web3’s women creators and founders build communities and innovate to help other women create wealth and feel ownership and integrity in their work. At the same time, humanitarian efforts in the crypto space are evolving and gaining traction with decentralized funding. The rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has made it easier to generate funds for a public good.

Prominent examples include NFT artists such as Refik Anadol and Murat Pak who mobilized the NFT community when a massive earthquake hit the Turkish-Syrian border. To provide immediate relief to the victims of the disaster, the proceeds generated from NFT collections were donated to local relief efforts along with crypto wallets earmarked for relief. Cryptocurrency exchanges also mentioned the development of the NFT Relief Initiative for ongoing support for those affected by the earthquake.

In addition to immediate response, blockchain technology provides the opportunity to help all demographics of society through transparent, reliable and simple methods. Non-profit crypto fundraising platforms saw more than 30% of their donation volume coming from NFT donation initiatives last year.

Turning women’s voices into action through art and innovation

Melissa Jun Rowley, founder and CEO of social impact marketing collective and production company Warrior Love Productions, highlights the achievements and solidarity of women working in Web3 around the world with the new NFT Collection on SOLIS Market. The collection, called HerVoice, consists of 3,905 NFTs, representing 3.905 billion women worldwide. Each NFT combines the creativity of many artists, weaving together elements of poetry, dance and animated short films. Five unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art will go on sale on March 15.

Inspired by the vision of Warrior Love Productions Creative Director Visionnaire and based on a poem written by Rowley, the animations were created by CreativeAya using AI to process still images of choreography by Ty “Crux” Jones-Bain and Nneka “Delacyn” Irobunda.

In addition to these contributors, 26 women from around the world who are active leaders in the worlds of Web3, art and social innovation contributed to the collection as narrators of the poem. In total, 21 countries are represented, and a total of 10 different languages ​​are spoken on the artwork.


Rowley shared:

“International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month is a special occasion every year. This year it hits me deeper than ever. Mainstream news regarding women-led events such as the revolution in Iran and protests in Afghanistan over the banning of education for women and girls continues to unfold and it will be a long time before anything is resolved. In Israel, women play a key role in protests against government plans to weaken the judiciary. The other day I was talking to some women in Turkey and Syria. Everyone in this region is dealing with the effects of the recent earthquake. And let’s not forget that the war in Ukraine is still going on. People all over the world need hope, community and solidarity. I hope HerVoice can help with this in a small way. Some of our associates are from or live in the countries I just mentioned and they promote peace and equality through their arts and business. These women, along with other HerVoice contributors and many more, represent the best of Web3 and are just getting started.”

Social influence in the chain

As an initiative flourishing in the Web3 space, HerVoice creates digital assets as a public good tool by automating and distributing funds to activists and community leaders around the world.

Proceeds from NFT sales will be used for Web3 educational events, organized by Warrior Love Productions, and programs supporting women and girls run by the international non-profit organization CARE, which operates in over 100 countries. CARE, one of the first organizations to focus on women and girls as agents of change, measures its programs against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Regarding her vision for the future of HerVoice, Rowley said:

“Our hope for HerVoice is not only to connect Web3 natives to CARE programs, but also to reverse the narrative of women in the Web3 industry. While there are definitely more men working in blockchain than women, there are many women around the world who are building and innovating and bringing more women and people from marginalized communities into the space. They promote the use of blockchain it was originally intended for – collaboration, openness, generosity and fairness.”

To maximize the impact of the HerVoice NFT collection, Rowley has partnered with SOLIS, a Web3 production ecosystem. The first five HerVoice NFTs are scheduled to launch on March 15, 2023 on SOLIS Market as part of Women’s History Month. Built on the Polygon network, the new digital collectible marketplace enables the creation, distribution and exchange of assets from various forms of artistic and entertainment content.

The first five individual HerVoice artworks sold by HerVoice NFT will grant VIP access to CARE events and specialist content and performances, including celebrity meet and greets and behind-the-scenes passes to the annual CARE Influence Awards. Some HerVoice NFT holders will have the opportunity to learn about local CARE programs working with women and girls addressing hunger, climate action, education, health and financial inclusion.

The Web3 space continues to create inspiring stories for all parts of society. With simple, user-friendly and reliable digital platforms like SOLIS Market, impact on meaningful causes becomes more transparent and accessible through digital collectibles.

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