Hollyoaks Spoilers (May 15-19)

holly oaks spoilers follow.

Next week holly oaksJuliet receives devastating news about her health, Ste and James prepare for their wedding, and Zoe makes a big decision.

Here’s the full collection of the most important upcoming moments:

1. Juliet receives more bad news

Juliet Nightingale and Peri Lomax at Hollyoaks

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Peri prepares the house while preparing Juliet for her release from the hospital, but James and Leela don’t want her getting her hopes up.

When Peri later visits Juliet, they try to manifest the good news, but it bothers them and seems to do so when Juliet’s doctor tells her she is norovirus free and can go home.

However, their happiness is short-lived when the doctor informs them that Juliet’s kidney function has not improved as they had hoped.

2. Rayne gives Romeo an ultimatum

Romeo Nightingale and Rayne Royce in Hollyoaks

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Rayne and Romeo want to add something of themselves to make the Lomax house special for Juliet, but instead feel hurt when Donna-Marie kicks them out.

Rayne doesn’t want Romeo’s family to dislike her more than they already do, and fed up with the tension, she gives her boyfriend until James’ wedding to sort out the divisions.

3. Sam and Zoe get caught

Zoe Anderson and Sam Chen Williams at Hollyoaks

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Sam tells Zoe that they need to search the garage for drugs, but without any cause for concern, he is unable to investigate further.

Sam is determined to give Zoe the evidence she needs and returns to “Warren’s Wheels”. While there, Sam records him doing a routine check in an empty neighborhood and stumbles upon drugs.

Warren and Norma show up, leaving Sam to hide, but he is caught when Warren sees him.

4. Zoe makes a decision

Zoe Anderson and Sam Chen Williams at Hollyoaks

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Zoe suffers from nausea worsened by a call from the garage owner.

After coming to Sam’s rescue, Zoe comes to the conclusion that she cannot stand his recent behavior and is sick of having to keep rescuing him.

With this in mind, Zoe decides to end their relationship, leaving Sam devastated.

5. Norma tells Warren the truth

crow standard in hollyoaks

Pictures of limePictures of lime

Norma knows she can’t continue to let Warren worry about her safety.

Backed into a corner, Norma tells Warren that she wasn’t really attacked, but she didn’t want to look weak, admitting she tripped.

6. Ethan and Sienna hit the rocks

Sienna Blake and Ethan Williams at Hollyoaks

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Trust issues begin to arise in Sienna and Ethan’s relationship.

Dave admits that Ethan had nothing to do with drugs and they were just left by the girls they met. Will the couple cope with their problems?

7. Lizzie supports Dave

Dave Chen Williams at hollyoaks

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Lizzie is concerned about her dad’s recent state and asks Sam for help. Sam is still dealing with the recent family rift and is betting on salvaging his relationship instead.

Knowing that Dave needs his family now more than ever, Lizzie refuses to give up. He turns to Ethan and Sienna for support while reminding the couple not to let Dave come between them.

8. Peri worries about Julia

Donna Marie Quinn, Juliet Nightingale and Peri Lomax at Hollyoaks

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Peri struggles to come to terms with the news Juliet received at the hospital.

Wanting to focus on something positive, Juliet turns to her brother and urges Romeo to throw a party with all their friends as long as none of them have the infection.

Peri is concerned at the thought of Juliet going to the party, but is talked to when her girlfriend tells her how much it means to her to have some fun.

9. Romeo and James make amends

romeo nightingale in hollyoaks

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Romeo writes to James asking for a truce.

Happy that his son will now be at the wedding, James and Ste are looking forward to the wedding.

10. Maxine and Beau grow closer

beau ramsey and maxine minniver at hollyoaks

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Maxine offers to help a besotted Beau plan a prom for Hollyoaks High in exchange for teaching Minnie how to play the drum.

Beau goes to Maxine’s apartment to teach Minnie a lesson, and as promised, Maxine shares her ideas as they grow closer.

11. James and Ste’s bachelor party goes wrong

James Nightingale and Ste Hay's wedding in Hollyoaks

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Ste and James reveal what they have planned for their bachelor parties.

Preoccupied with Eric’s and Juliet’s health problems, James forgot to organize everything as planned.

Not knowing where to start, James needs reinforcements and calls Sienna.

At The Loft, James’ wine and cheese tasting night isn’t what he imagined, and after some wise words, Juliet goes to join Ste instead.

With both stags in The Dog, Scott kicks off the game, but when James fails to answer any questions about Ste, things get tense.

12. Charlie opens up to Darren

charlie dean hollyoaks

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Darren is pleased with Charlie’s recent improvement and focus on exams.

When Charlie thanks Shing Lin for helping with the reshoot, his family wonders if there’s more going on between them than a reshoot.

Charlie later opens up to Darren about how he struggled with his exams and how he didn’t want to burden him.

Jack then gives Darren fatherly advice that inspires the idea.

13. Maxine has a setback

beau ramsey and maxine minniver at hollyoaks

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Maxine rushes to help Beau distract her from the memory of her last visit with Eric.

Shing Lin is excited to hear about a concert they are planning at school, but her enthusiasm for the prospect is quickly dispelled when Beau informs them that the principal doesn’t think it’s a good time for it.

Maxine later finds a way for Beau to convince the principal to let the school host the concert they planned.

14. Ste disappears

James Nightingale and Ste Hay's wedding in Hollyoaks

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Ste is nowhere to be found on the morning of his wedding day.

When Lucas recalls the text message he received from his dad the night before, a hungover Tony remembers where he left his future groom.

Ste later meets with James and is open about her fears that marriage will change them.

Wanting to prove he’s willing to compromise for his love, James devises a plan.

15. James and Ste get married

James Nightingale and Ste Hay in Hollyoaks

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With minutes left before the ceremony, Sienna tries to keep the wedding party busy with a game of charades.

Luckily, the taxi stops just in time, revealing that the couple have switched clothes, with James wearing a rainbow tracksuit to tie the knot.

16. Julia falls

James Nightingale and Juliet Nightingale in Hollyoaks

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While all the guests enjoy a perfect day, James and Juliet share a special moment together on the dance floor.

However, tragedy strikes when an exhausted Juliet later collapses.

17. Scott searches for answers for Maxine

nadira and shaq qureshi in holly

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Scott tries to cheer up Maxine, who is hurt after Beau dodged her kiss.

Scott gets all covered in cake when he accidentally puts his hand in the wedding cake when confronting Beau.

Beau tells Scott she’s worried Maxine might not be ready for a relationship after everything she’s been through. Scott reminds Beau of how strong Maxine is and that if he likes her, he needs to be honest with her.

18. Darren shares his worries with Charlie

Darren Osborne at Hollyoaks

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Charlie asks Shing Lin to come and help him with his geography review.

Darren approaches them as they are about to kiss, and they are quickly sent downstairs to be supervised.

Wanting to make sure Charlie and Shing Lin don’t do anything they’ll regret, Darren tries to give them a speech about the female reproductive system.

While alone with Charlie, Darren tells him that Morgan’s surgery has been pushed back to Monday and he feels helpless being so far away.

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