Home and Away to bring in Sister Mali Hudson

At home and away spoilers appear for both UK and Australian viewers.

At home and away will be bringing Sister Mali Hudson this week.

Mali is currently enjoying a burgeoning romance with Rose Delaney, but the arrival of his sister Elandra – played by Wentworth AND True colors star Rärriwuy Hick – Can throw a wrench to the works.

“The cat came out of the bag. Guess who’s visiting Summer Bay,” Hick wrote on her Instagram page, sharing the first photo of the siblings together.

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In scenes airing this week, Mali and Rose spend the morning together in a caravan, but the couple’s fun is interrupted when Elandra shows up at their door unannounced and uninvited, leaving them struggling to get dressed (via Australian TV Week magazine).

Elandra wastes no time accusing her siblings of moving to Summer Bay purely for a fling, and they start arguing which causes Rose to shrink in embarrassment.

Afterwards, the two women go to lunch together at Salt, where Elandra explains that Mali just got up and left the family without telling them beforehand. So of course she’s a little annoyed and wants him to come home.

Rose explains that Mali has really contributed a lot to the community since his arrival, and Elandra reluctantly admits that perhaps life in Summer Bay is good for him.

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Interestingly, when Rose mentions all the good things about Mali, she realizes that she has developed genuine feelings for him.

“Rose is looking for something easy and fun; Mali is an exact representation of that,” said Kirsty Marillier about her character’s love affair with Mali.

“As their storylines unfold, one thing that becomes obvious is the undeniable chemistry between them.”

At home and away aired weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. The first shows air at 6:30 pm on 5STAR and the show is also broadcast on My5.

In Australia, the show airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Channel 7 and is streamed on 7plus.

Selected classic episodes are available via Best video in UK.

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