In Beyond 2023, ThoughtSpot focuses on simplifying analytics with AI

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ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence (BI) company, today hosted the “Beyond 2023” customer conference where it announced new product capabilities designed to simplify analytics for enterprise users.

Much of the conversation was about consuming insights through AI. The company also highlighted notable accessibility features, including a mobile-friendly way to use analytics and integrations to gain insights into teams’ workplaces.

“Each of the new enhancements in this launch embraces the future of AI-powered analytics and enables organizations of all sizes to experience, collaborate, model, and access data in new ways that are personalized to the user and increase productivity,” said Sumeet Arora, Chief Operating Officer, Atlas. development at ThoughtSpot.

Here is a summary of the highlights:


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Data mining with natural language prompts

ThoughtSpot led the discussion on simplifying analytics with Sage, a new LLM-based search engine. First announced in March, Sage provides enterprise users with a chat where they can type natural language prompts to search for data for textual or visual insights. It combines basic models, including GPT-3, with ThoughtSpot’s patented search technology to convert prompts to SQL and generate responses with accuracy and reliability.

The company claims that Sage can deliver results in seconds and provides related drill-down suggestions for supported insights. Users also have the ability to provide feedback by correcting keyword tokens, further training the system to learn and correcting future queries. The technology is in private preview, and ThoughtSpot plans to gradually open access. He said the solution will initially be available to all current and new Trial and Team users of the platform.

Stay informed with the Monitor for Mobile app

After that, ThoughtSpot debuted a mobile analytics feature called ThoughtSpot Monitor for Mobile. This dedicated feature in the ThoughtSpot app allows users to subscribe to key performance metrics and automatically receive notifications on their mobile devices when those metrics change, as well as receive an explanation of the factors behind that change. This allows teams to make decisions whenever and wherever required.

ThoughtSpot uses artificial intelligence to provide explanations. First, it analyzes the attributes behind each KPI and uses machine learning to determine what drives change. Then, with the help of generative AI, it provides an explanation, helping users understand what has changed and why – and what they need to do in response. Currently, the feature is in preview, but ThoughtSpot says it will be available in the coming months.

New integrations including AI assistant in Slack

The Business Intelligence leader also announced a number of integrations that will help teams use insights directly where they work. These include a connector allowing users to share links from ThoughtSpot Liveboards and generate previews of visuals in Slack; an interactive AI assistant called Spot for searching natural language data via Slack; and ThoughtSpot Analytics for Excel, Google Sheets, and Slides.

ThoughtSpot Analytics for Sheets is available today, while the rest of the features are in preview and will be available later.

ThoughtSpot also enhances collaboration on Liveboards (a version of the ThinkSpot Dashboard) with new features such as note tiles, cross filters, and parameters. Note tiles can be used to add details such as branding, explanations, or context. Filters can help ensure analysis consistency, while parameters can be used to analyze what-if scenarios.

The company is also introducing an in-app comments system to promote feedback, collaboration, and brainstorming, as well as verified Liveboards to increase transparency and end-user trust.

Visual data modeling for analytics

Finally, the company updated its data workspace with a new data modeling studio that offers a drag-and-drop visual interface and a guided user interface that simplifies data modeling for analytics.

As ThoughtSpot says, with this solution, users can inherit existing connections from their database or create new connections using a guided UI; build search rails by dragging and dropping the appropriate columns in your model; and scale data literacy across your company by adding custom formulas, customizing attributes, and configuring column properties.

ThoughtSpot Beyond 2023 will take place virtually on May 9-10.

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