Inside Philipp Plein’s Blinged Out fashion show in Los Angeles

Philipp Plein is an anomaly in fashion. He started out in Germany designing dog beds, which led him to furniture design, then fashion, then Plein Sport, “the world’s first luxury sportswear brand.”

Now, 25 years after starting operations, Plein is partnering with Snoop Dogg to build a $240 million mansion in Bel Air that looks like a Disneyland version of Versailles.

Ahead of tonight’s Oscars, Plein presented a fashion show at his home that showcased his penchant for bling, high-end luxury and a knack for transcending himself.

“Obviously, I’m the ‘king of bling,'” Plein said after the runway show. “That’s what the media called me. At first I hated him, then I started to love him. If you look around now, you’ll see glitter everywhere, even in Prada.

“When I started 25 years ago, I was the first to really adapt my style to bling,” he adds. “It has become my fashion brand. I am consistent with that part of my DNA. i celebrate it. I’m a maximalist at heart.”

The Philipp Plein Atelier collection by Jacob Meir is Plein’s journey into the world of fashion. The new collection includes 16 dazzling creations ranging from dresses, bodysuits, sparkling masks and capes.

It was unveiled at his home, which is called Chateau Falconview, as models trotted around the marble foyer to a hip-hop soundtrack and VIP guests such as Vivica A. Fox, Foodgod and Gigi Gorgeous strolled with Paris Jackson. runway.

The look was extremely rich and bold as statement elements. Silver and black were the main themes of the show, and these looks are sure to grace the red carpets of film festivals and fashion weeks around the world in the coming year. They are certainly eye-catching pieces that sparkle in the spotlight.

“I usually design fashion on a day-to-day basis, I thought we’d be presenting a couture collection before the Oscars, it’s very baroque-inspired,” said Plein.

Highlights included “Stella”, a handcrafted jumpsuit made of flesh-colored tulle covered in beaded stones, accompanied by a silver cape.

Meanwhile, “Orion” looks like a fallen angel – a stark contrast to the figure of Archangel Michael that adorns the entrance to the house. The outfit is a black winged creature made of silk chiffon laminate and decorated with over 5000 jet stones, 1000 feathers and black velvet.

The front entrance to Chateau Falconview is decorated with a statue of the Archangel Michael covered in tattoos. At the foot of the statue is a Latin phrase in white neon light that reads: “Tempora mutantur, nos es mutamur in illism” which means “Times are changing and we are changing with them.”

Plein studied Latin for five years in Germany as it is a prerequisite for anyone studying medicine and law (he studied law).

“It’s a phrase I’ve used all my life,” he said. “In one of my first homes I bought, in Switzerland, I had a phrase engraved in a block of marble. I also wanted to take him to Los Angeles.”

It is also a metaphor for the new collection. “Times are changing, it is said that everything evolves, especially in fashion. Our appearance changes over time.

“Plein Atelier is a red carpet collection – I’ve never created a haute couture collection like this before,” said Plein. “The gaze of a black angel [is my favorite look because it blends in with the design of my home, which I designed with a

Paris Jackson opened his show at Milan Fashion Week, “she’s very rock and roll,” said Plein, who loves the contrast of her tattoos with the sparkly couture.

The collection pays tribute to hip hop, which is a part of Plein’s brand ethos. He embodies the “hustler” spirit. The brand is sold in over 50 countries today. Plein’s home sits on 3.6 acres of land, which feels very much like the top of a mountain.

While the main home is not completed yet, the guest house is finished. It has a leopard-print ceiling, long, icicle-like light fixtures that hang from the second floor, a spiral staircase inspired by Beauty and the Beast. On the patio, there’s a marble base daybed with the inscription that reads “It was all a dream,” citing song lyrics from Biggie Smalls.

After the show ended, there was a moment of silence before a silver Porsche pulled up to Plein’s house and rapper Offset jumped out of the passenger side vehicle, clutching the microphone. As part of the surprise performance, he performed several of his hits.

This event is Plein’s fifth fashion show in 2023, even though it’s only March. He started with the presentation of the Billionaire fall/winter collection at Milan Fashion Week in January, followed by the Paris Fashion Week watch show, the opening of Plein Sport in New York and the new fall/winter collection presented last month at Milan Fashion Week.

“Instead of showing it to 7,000 people in Milan, we’re showing this collection to 200 people in Bel Air,” he said. “Couture is something I want to continue in the future, I want to establish that – Plein Atelier. We will also host another fashion show at next year’s Oscars.”

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