Kerbal Space Program 2: How to remove parts in VAB

Vehicle assembly tools in Kerbal Space Program 2 they are more comprehensive than ever, but some features are not particularly intuitive. Here’s how to remove specific parts from your assembly, along with a handful of other helpful tips to make your space travel dreams a reality.

How to remove parts in Kerbal Space Program 2

Deleting parts or assemblies can be done with pressing backspace on the keyboard Or picking them up and placing them in the big red basket in the lower left corner of the screen. Unlike NASA, the Kerbal Space Program is not subject to government oversight or budget constraints, so there is no penalty for throwing away parts you don’t need.

An example of placing parts in the

Keep your VAB tidy by removing parts you don’t need
Photo: Private Division/Intercept Games via Polygon

If you find yourself accidentally getting rid of more than you initially anticipated, you can try removing smaller parts of a specific assembly to get to a specific part. Just remember that if you trash a huge chunk of your project, pressing Ctrl + Z will undo the previous action.

Two separate vehicle assemblies displayed in Kerbal Space Program 2 VAB

Sometimes it’s good to divide and rule
Photo: Private Division/Intercept Games via Polygon

When assembling a vehicle capable of traveling into space Kerbal Space Program 2 is relatively simple compared to the real thing, building a vehicle assembly can still be a difficult aspect of the game to understand, especially when some parts may not interact in the way you expect. Here are some helpful tips on how to make everything clickable.

Divide and conquer

KSP 2 allows multiple assemblies or vehicles to be assembled in VAB at the same time. So instead of taking individual parts, it sometimes pays to assemble the entire booster assembly before attaching it to your ship.

Rotate objects

Sometimes it is enough to turn a part to attach to the rest of the vehicle. The WASD keys, as well as the Q and E keys, allow you to rotate and rotate a specific part or assembly 45 degrees in any direction. If the alignment is slightly misaligned when the part is attached, you can also use the “translate” tool by pressing the 2 key, which will allow you to fine-tune the placement of the part on your ship.

Always test

Kerbal Space Program 2The system requirements are much higher than the original, but the loading times have been drastically reduced. Before you create something too crazy, only to have it fall apart on the launch pad, add a few parts at a time and take your ship to the runway or launch pad at regular intervals to make sure it’s structurally sound.

Check the list

The Engineer’s Report will highlight any outstanding issues that are worth addressing before launch. They’re not always critical, but keeping engineers happy is rarely a bad idea.

Remember that a large part Kerbal Space Program 2 experimenting so keep building to see what works. However, if all that sounds too complicated and you’re trying to jump straight to the explosion, check out our guide to launching rockets in Kerbal Space Program 2.

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