Kerbal Space Program 2’s unfinished features may have been discovered by data scientists

Rocky launch of Kerbal Space Program 2 (opens in a new tab) in Early Access last week was met with an avalanche of comments, misunderstandings and conflicts among the game community. Audiences and reviewers lament bugs and performance issues and features deemed “missing”. (opens in a new tab), while others are quite happy that the graphics are nice and “the rocket keeps going up”. Here on PC Gamer, Noah Smith said the Early Access launch was “only for seasoned astronauts”. (opens in a new tab)

Some gamers blamed this on the decision to launch the game in Early Access, theorizing it was a corporate decision by publisher Private Division after switching studios and three years of delays. These flames fueled some, and dimmed others, the information that dataminers and modders began to find in the KSP2 code. One dataminer reported (opens in a new tab) finding “most of the… mod API, multiplayer sync code, colony management and supply route setup, research, aero heating” and other code elements.

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