Marvel Snap Decks – MODOK’s best decks

Marvel Snap’s latest season pass, Into the Quantum Realm, presents us with a new card: MODOK. MODOK is a 5-cost, 8-strength card that changes the game when revealed by discarding the entire hand. The MODOK effect may seem completely unfavorable, even losing, but discard decks are incredibly scary, surprising and can turn the tide of the match very quickly or at the last possible moment to achieve that sweet victory. In our best Pot 2 and Pot 3 decks, we’ve included two different discard decks: Discardian Discord and Discardian Dissonance, respectively. MODOK is able to further enhance discard decks with its post-reveal effect.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best MODOK-based decks, how to enhance already-performing discard-centric decks, and even if you’re not the type of card gamer to buy Marvel Snap Season Passes, these decks will still be viable to build in the future when you finally you will get MODOK thanks to the game’s card input system.