Netflix Top 10 Report: Outer Banks, We Have a Ghost & The Strays

Netflix Top 10 reports that we have the spirit of stray third-party banks

Pictured: We Have a Ghost, Outer Banks and The Strays

Welcome to the weekly roundup of the biggest articles from Netflix’s Top 10 Hourly Stats list for the week ending February 26, 2023. This is going to be a bumper edition of the Top 10 report with so many major releases and exciting things to cover.

Every Tuesday, Netflix updates its Top 10 Stats page with 40 new hourly numbers of the best movies and shows from the last seven days. If you want to easily browse top 10 hourly data visit our tool.

Note: In this Netflix watch hours report from February 20, 2023 to February 26, 2023, we will use “equivalent views” or CVE expressed in millions. This means that we divide the viewing hours advertised by Netflix by the time the movies or series are shown. It allows for better comparisons of movies and series, but it is not an indicator of viewership. This is the minimum number of views if they were all completed from the first to the last second of the video or season.

1. External Banks Season 3 kicks off with a bang.

third season External Banks I’m doing great, thank you very much. With 17.7 million CVEs in its first four days, it is the third best new season premiere for a US show airing on Thursday, behind only season two Ginny and Georgia.

Outer Banks season 3 viewership vs greatest hits netflix cve week 1

The premiere of the third season of Outer Banks compared to other Thursday Netflix series introduces CVE viewership

It’s also a better start than Season 2, but we’ll find out more about how it compares to Season 2 next week.

Outer Banks season 3 vs season 2 viewership week 1

Outer Banks Season 3 vs Season 2 Viewership CVE

2. We have spirit AND Stray make very decent starts.

We have spirit was Netflix’s premiere title on the movie side last week, and its launch is pretty good, with 19.1 million CVEs in its first weekend.

It’s not a prime release, but it’s not a prime Netflix B-movie either, it had a better premiere than Madea’s return home AND Curse of the Hollow Bridge.

we have the spirit of the Netflix viewership, Week 1

We Have a Ghost vs. other Netflix comedy releases

A suspenseful thriller from the UK Stray it also had an excellent start with 17.8 million CVEs in its first five days and the second-best international release for an English-language film which premiered on Wednesday.

The Strays week 1 cve netflix viewership

Viewership of The Strays vs. other Netflix CVE videos in Week 1

3. Murdaugh murders it starts deadly.

Netflix docuseries usually have a timely release schedule, but not as timely as release Murdaugh murders, given that the trial in this case is now pending in the US.

True crime docuseries plus a timely release date equals a record-setting release Murdaugh murders. With 17 million CVEs in its first five days, it is the best premiere of any docuseries released on Wednesday.

Murdaugh Murders Southern Scandal Viewership on Netflix from Week 1

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal Week 1 Viewership CVE

4. Season 5 Formula 1: drive to survive attracts his fans

Season 5 of the documentary series Formula 1: drive to survive was released last week and performed exactly the same as last season, with 4 million CVEs in its first weekend.

quest for survival season 3 vs season 4 viewership difference

Formula 1: Survive Season 5 vs CVE Season 4 Viewership

5. Triptych it’s burning.

first season Triptych had a great premiere with 9 million CVEs in the first five days, the best premiere for a new series coming from Latin America in my book, not far from the best international series launch released on a Wednesday (10.5 million for Polish High water series). So, quite an encouraging start!

triptyrch cve netflix viewership week 1

Viewership of the CVE triptych compared to other international publications

Overall, it’s been a pretty good week for new Netflix movies and series, with a lot of decent numbers.

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