Plex adds 4 new free live TV channels, including content from Lionsgate

Do you still think Plex is just a way to manage your content? If so, you’re missing out on a ton of great free content. Plex now offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows for free. Now, Plex has announced that it has added four new channels to its lineup.

We already reported some of these channels yesterday, but now Plex has sent us a complete list of all the channels added this week.

These new channels added today include:

  • HerSphere by Lionsgate, partner: Lionsgate (US) Love. Laughter. Unexpected friendships. Inspiring women of all generations and all walks of life. Find them here.
  • Plex Picks (CA), Partner: Plex (CA) Plex Picks is a 24/7 entertainment channel with crime, horror, mystery, sci-fi and thriller movies and series.
  • PRISON, partner: Rights Booster Limited (WW) JAIL gives viewers a front row seat as recently arrested suspects face criminal justice.
  • Strongman Champions, Partner: Rights Booster Limited (WW) The Strongman Champions League is the premiere and largest international Strongman competition.

Here are the channels Plex added last week:

Property & Reno, partner: Cineflix (USA)

Property & Reno is where you’ll find inspiration for your dream home, expert advice and amazing discoveries.

Real Disaster channel, partner: Cineflix (US)

Captivating stories of the disasters and experiences you crave, Real Disaster Channel brings you the ultimate adventure.

Crime and Justice, partner: Cineflix (US)

Crime and Justice puts you at the heart of the action as gripping and suspenseful real-life investigations unfold.

wedo movies (DE), Partner: Video Solutions AG (DE)

Wir lieben Filme und alles was damit zu tun hat. In the package Actionstreifen, gefühlvolle Dramen or spannende Thriller, bei wedo movies schaust du deine Lieblingsfilme kostenfrei und in voller Länge. Mach dich beret!

wedo movies (EN), Partner: Video Solutions AG (IE, UK)

We love movies. All movies. Especially free movies. From explosive action to suspenseful thrillers, emotional dramas to hilarious comedies and everything in between. wedo movies, all day, every day, for free.

wedo videos (IT) Partner-Video Solutions AG (IT)

“Dai movie thriller known, dramatic, emotional, all comedy movies and more. 24 ore al giorno, tutti i giorni, semper gratuito. Benvenuti a wedo movies- Film Al Femminile

Vevo 90s and 00s, partner: Vevo (IT)

Discover the best music videos of all the artists who marked these fantastic musical decades!

Vevo Latino, partner: Vevo (ES)

The best Latin hits from artists from all over Latin America!

Vevo Pop, partner: Vevo (IT)

The best music videos from the greatest artists!

Vevo Pop, partner: Vevo (DE)

New Hit-Musikvideos der größten Künstler!

Grjngo – Film Western, Partner: Amogo Networx (IT)

Grjngo is one of the largest western movie and series channels. Huge selection of John Wayne and Western Italian movies.

Plex added 16 new channels last week, including:

Bizzarro Movies, partner: Minerva Pictures (IT)

Assurdo, grotesque, fuori di testa. Free Movies Bizzarro is an extraordinary world, science fiction, B movies, cult movies.

Segreto cinema, partner: Minerva Pictures (IT)

Iconico, iconic, Il cinema riscoperto. Da Tomas Milian a Gloria Guida, dai film noir agli horror, drama film, torturing story

Full Moon, partner: Minerva Pictures (IT)

Adrenaline thrillers, psychological horrors and full-time adventures. Perditi nell’oscuro mondo del canale Full Moon.

Risate all’italiana, partner: Minerva Pictures (IT)

Il canale della commedia made in Italy: grandi classici, gag esilaranti, disavventure paradossali, satire del mondo attuale.

WP, partner: Minerva Pictures (IT)

Aventure, eroi, duelli, personaggi del mito e della legend, ancora orggi in grado di far sognare intere generazioni.

Vevo Regional Mexicano, partner: Vevo (USA)

From mariachi to banda, movies and performances that define the genre.

Vevo Retro Rock, partner: Vevo (US)

From the 80s to today, guitar videos that keep the volume cranked up to 11.

Vevo True School Hip-Hop, partner: Vevo (USA)

Rap videos from the icons of the Golden Age to the most influential MCs of today.

Vevo Íconos Latinos, partner: Vevo (USA)

Videos and performances from some of Latin music’s most legendary artists.

Vevo 90s and 00s, Partner: Vevo (UK)

From superstars to one-hit wonders, all your favorite movies from both decades!

Vevo Pop (UK), Partner: Vevo (UK)

The latest music video hits from the greatest artists!

Vevo Pop (FR) Partner: Vevo (FR)

Les derniers clips des artistes du moment!

Vevo Hip-Hop & R&B (France), Partner: Vevo (France)

Find the best urban music on this channel.

Vevo Pop (ES), partner: Vevo (ES)

Los ultimos videoclips de los artistas más grandes!

Vevo Schlager Pop, partner: Vevo (DE)

The best compilation of the latest pop music videos! With Helene Fischer, Ben Zucker, Sara Lombardi and many more.

PFL MMA, Partner: PFL MMA (WW – without Russia)

Follow the best fights, highlights and commentary from the PFL, the MMA league.

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