Ross Butler of Shazam 2 “cheated” Fury of the Gods associates

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Shazam: Fury of the Gods Ross Butler was smitten with his legendary collaborators Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu.

Reprising his role as the adult Eugene in the sequel to Worlds of DC, Butler clearly enjoyed working alongside Mirren and Liu as the vengeful Daughters of Atlas, Hespera and Calypso.

Exceptionally said Digital spy“I can’t say anything about it, but you can finally see more kids as superheroes.

“It was something we really wanted to show you more, and you’ll see teamwork in the family.

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Addressing the Oscar winner and Kill Bill In addition to the star’s involvement, Butler also took the time to share what he said: “Joined by Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren who are legends. I met them on the same day in the same minute and I was a freak.

“And Rachel Zegler, she’s a new addition to the cast and she’s Snow White! We have so many cool extras and the new cool costumes are so elegant.”

Meanwhile, it so happens that Mirren wasn’t happy with her Fury of the Gods Wardrobe.

“Don’t ask me about the plot, it’s too complicated!” warned Graham Norton on his talk show last month. “We are angry goddesses wearing incredibly heavy costumes.

“It was very hot and uncomfortable, and Lucy said at the end of the first day of shooting, ‘They’re trying to kill us,’ in all seriousness.”

Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, Shazam Fury of the Gods

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Later in her appearance on the show, the actress revealed, “I did some stunts of my own but broke my finger. I was incredibly brave and didn’t say anything or complain because I wanted to be a real “mischievous” person.

Now that’s hardcore.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will debut in cinemas this Friday (March 17).

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