Ross Butler reveals the impact of 13 Reasons Why on the new movie Perfect Addiction

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Ross Butler has opened up about the impact 13 reasons why he had in his new movie The perfect addictionexplaining that there were “similarities” between his two characters in both projects.

Butler played Zach Dempsey on Netflix 13 reasons why and also appeared in To all the boys I’ve loved. However, Butler merely said Digital spy that he took more from the former than from the latter.

“I would say I took more from 13 reasons why into it than To all the boys because it was a series and there was a lot of character development. And then being the lead of the movie, you have to be more efficient at developing your character,” said Butler.

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“There were parallels between Zack Dempsey and Kayden Williams that I found helped a lot with the guilt and not being able to forgive yourself. But with Kayden, it was much more personal and accelerated. So I felt like I had a nice runway with 13 reasons why create Kayden.”

Butler is also known for his role as Adult Eugene in Shazamand reprized the role in the sequel Worlds of DC Shazam: Fury of the Gods, This starred alongside several A-list stars, including Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu.

butler said Digital spy that he was “mad” about working with legends like Mirren and Liu.

Ross Butler, Kiana Madera, the perfect addiction

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“Joined Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren who are legends. I met them the same day, same minute, and I was a freak,” said Butler.

“And Rachel Zegler, she’s a new addition to the cast and she’s Snow White! We have so many cool extras and the new cool costumes are so elegant.”

However, he was more timid about the details of the film itself.

“I can’t say anything about it, but eventually you’ll see more kids as superheroes. It was something we really wanted to show you more, and you will see teamwork in the family. ”

The perfect addiction will be released on Prime Video on March 24.

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