Screenshot on Saturday Mondays: charming building and watching the entire movie in an immersive simulation

Every weekend, independent developers brag about their current work on Twitter #screenshotSaturday label. And every Monday I bring you a selection of these shots and clips. This week, my attention was drawn to cute city buildings, decapitation horror movies, a demon skateboarding through hell, bouncing logos, handcrafted strategy, an entire movie set in an immersive simulation, and more. Come and enjoy these interesting indie games!

Skate Story’s infernal cheat (coming to Steam) still looks adorable:

I keep pausing this clip of the first-person melee roguelike Mortal Sin (coming on Steam) to check…is that a skate?

I’m very eager to play god over living dioramas in Gourdlets (demo available on Steam):

Not sure about the UI, but I like the handcrafted earth in Yield! (on Steam), a strategy game set in Anglo-Saxon Britain:

I strongly endorse Spectra’s immersive simulation, including the entire out-of-copyright video:

Stop being a monster and raise this little guy in adventure RPG EthrA (on Steam):

Dramatic boss introduction in Gunboat God:

Lovely sailing scene in Selfloss (on Steam):

Lovecraftian metroidvania The Last Case Of Benedict Fox (on Steam):

While the action survival horror Full Fathom (coming to Steam) is set aboard a crazy submarine navigating the sunken ruins of our world (I guess?), its biggest torment will surely be the missing screensaver logo reflecting perfectly in the corner:

Heads Off in First Person Survival Horror Labyrinth Of The Demon King (on Steam):

Intensely Flowery Bosorka Violence (on Steam):

This sunset mood in retro RPG Forge Of The Fae (on Steam):

I like the stream flowing through the cemetery in the action RPG Under The Island (on Steam):

What else caught your attention this weekend, dear reader?

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