Seinfeld’s Percival clothing range is the perfect throwback to the ’90s

Seinfelds fashion inspired the new Percival menswear collection. Though Seinfeld may not have as much modern culture cache as FriendsRoss, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey owe a lot to their predecessors on the ’90s New York sitcom.

Seinfeld has found a new lease of life since reappearing on Netflix in 2021, keeping the conversation going after the series ended in 1998, from getting its own LEGO set, AI chatbot and star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Still having to deal with the infamous “Seinfeld curse”.

For the uninitiated, the show basically sees Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes), Michael Richard (Kramer) and Jason Alexander (George Constanza) in a fictionalized version of Jerry, a comedian struggling with the weaknesses of life alongside his ex-girlfriend. best friend and neighbor in New York.

It’s unbelievable that men’s fashion from the 90s is also experiencing a resurgence, starting with bold printed shirts (think Will Smith in fresh prince), knitted vests (see Chandler v Friends) and even baggy jeans (hi, Cory Matthews w The boy meets the world).

SeinfeldFashion has long been lauded as part of the trend, with many Reddit topics applauding their understated, comfortable style. Now, Percival, who specializes in “subverting the classics”, has released his own dedicated series to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the last episode and the 100th anniversary of the Warner Bros. studio.

You may know Percival from their dedicated Robert Pattinson T-shirts Batmanor their knitted polo shirts stretched across the backs of many super muscular Hollywood hunks, from Chris Evans to The Rock.

Lately Digital spy readers loved the official Nike soccer jerseys from AFC Richmond Ted Lassoand “Joel jacket” by Pedro Pascal of the IRL The last of us on HBO so we thought you might like it Seinfeld fashion curated by Percival, even if it’s just a cool slogan on a comfortable T-shirt.


The Hamptons T-shirt is based on the season 5 penultimate episode of the same name, Kramer robs a lobster of a trap, and that episode also spawned the “shrinkage” catchphrase that we won’t get into. Lobster fans will also want to check out the matching Hamptons tee (129 pounds) and shorts (99 pounds).

Other t-shirts in Seinfeld include a “Serenity now” T-shirt (45 pounds) based on Frank Costanza’s self-calming slogan. Plus a T-shirt “You wouldn’t steal a marble rye” (45 pounds) combining classic ’90s anti-piracy ads “you wouldn’t steal a car” with an episode of Jerry’s bread-pinching. And finally, the “Hello, Newman” T-shirt features Jerry’s malicious catchphrase (45 pounds) directed at the character of Wayne Knight.


Puddy Knit Shirt



Next up is the famous figure eight leather jacket worn by David Puddy Patrick Warburton. The Puddy Knit Shirt draws on one of Percival’s staples in a classic multicolored version and a cream and black number (139 pounds). “Have a question? You hit the ball with the eight.”

Other Seinfeld x Percival Knit Shirts include The Low Talker Knit Shirt (139 pounds) and Giddy Up long sleeves with buttons (149 pounds) both with subtle Seinfeld logo embroidered in the corner. See also: The Pop In Color Shirt in Green and Blue (Both 129 pounds).


Knit shirt with buttons

If you are mega-Seinfeld For the fan who really wants to splash around or treat a fanatical friend, check out The Finale Cotton Jumper (139 pounds) and a Kavorka houndstooth wool blazer (259 pounds) with matching trousers (139 pounds).

And finally the famous “Seinfeld jacket” in a reversible chocolate jacket with an alternative candy stripe lining (259 pounds). Unfortunately not suede.

Seinfeld Season 1-9 is now available on Netflix.

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