Show some skin this spring with an exposed fashion trend

We are ready for longer, warmer days after this cold winter with too much rain and snow. While our environment is in dire need of rain, we can only cope with such cold weather. So before we pack our coats and rain jackets, it’s time to start getting ready for what we’ll be wearing this spring.

We’ve seen a lot of trends pop up in early 2023 that focus on dressing sexier and skin-baring for the warmer months. The exposed fashion trend allows you to go beyond your comfort zone and discover new styles of clothing.

Before the pandemic, prostitution was not openly discussed; it was considered taboo. After the pandemic, it has become the norm for people to discuss and be a part of it, especially since the beginning of OnlyFans. Risky fashion also made its way onto the runway during New York Fashion Week, and fashionistas love it.

If you don’t feel comfortable exposing too much skin, there are various ways to accommodate this trend without pushing your own limits. However, getting involved in a revealed trend is a great way to feel more confident if you are struggling with uncertainty. The high-profile fashion trend has no rules, but if you don’t know where to start, here are some pieces you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Dresses with cutouts

Cut-out dresses provide an easy start to an exposed fashion trend. Some dresses have multiple cutouts for a more frisky look and will show off your hipbones, chest area or lower back. On the other hand, you can opt for a few cutouts on the sides of a midi or maxi dress. For example, this dazzling, airy, patterned maxi dress has cutouts on both sides of the dress and falls deep in the middle. Find different styles of patterns to see which one is right for you and wear them all spring and summer.

Underwear-inspired pieces

Wearing underwear became a fashion trend in 2020 as we saw people wearing bras, nightgowns, boxer shorts, etc. at home during quarantine. This trend has not gone away now as people style their underwear accordingly to get back into the world. Plus, you can see it all over the runway. For a sexy yet decent outfit, wear a lingerie-inspired satin nightgown. Pair the dress with matching knee-high boots and show off some skin.


Styling vests is effortless; they can be worn layered over a blouse in winter or on their own in spring. Choose a vest or sweater vest to show off some skin. Vests go perfectly with jeans, creating a casual outfit. You can leave a few buttons undone at the top to reveal the cleavage or undo them at the bottom to expose the belly. If you have a zip-up vest, you can zip it all the way up to expose your shoulders or halfway up to show through your bra.

Transparent tops

Sheer tops are another great way to show off a little skin this spring. They are sheer, so you can show off a fun tank top, bra or bralette under the top. Different types of sheer tops have different patterns and textures, just like this black ribbed top. The skin is sufficiently covered, while exposing only a small part of it. Style each sheer top with your favorite jeans and your favorite jacket for a cute picnic date. Or wear it with a mini skirt and wedge heels for a fun brunch outfit.

Go without pants

If you want to elevate the exposed trend, you can go completely pantsless. Wearing an oversize blazer covers the upper body and exposes the legs. Actress Camila Mendes wears matching bra and underwear, oversized leather jacket and loafers. A leather jacket covers most of her body, showing part of her belly, focusing on her bare legs. Wear a button-down jacket and tights under your underwear to show less skin.

Short skirt

Bare legs can be a bit too big for some people, so miniskirts are a suitable replacement if you don’t feel comfortable going out in just underwear and a jacket. There are different grades of miniskirts; there are skirts just above the knee, mid-thigh, and just an inch below the buttocks. Try different lengths to see which one feels best to you. Miniskirts add a touch of flirty to any outfit, especially when paired with a corset, lace bra or basic top.


Corsets are many people’s favorite pieces of underwear that can be taken off as tops. They are styled with jeans, skirts, shorts and even tracksuits, elevating any outfit and giving it a sexy touch. For example, this leisure outfit with brown tracksuits would look cozy with a T-shirt, but a white lace bodice turns it into a sensual outfit. It balances between sexy and comfortable, and minimal jewelry adds a delicate touch to the outfit. When the days are warm and the nights are cooler, you can wear the corset over a cardigan or light jacket.

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