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The second week of March is approaching, and for millions in the United States, that can only mean one thing: March madness! With the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament kicking off this week, talks at offices across the country will focus on high dunks and mind-blowing three-pointers.

If that sounds like nirvana to you, check below where you can stream the tournament with ease! If, on the other hand, you couldn’t care less about college basketball, you should also check out below! There are many more new shows and movies coming to streaming this week, with something for everyone.

Monday, March 13

Killer Cheer: All-American Murders Series Premiere | Investigation Discovery, watch with Philo subscription

This true crime series is the latest premiere on Investigation Discovery. It centers on the murder of one of the most popular teenagers at a local high school in broad daylight. Due to the brazen nature of the crime and the proximity of the townspeople, authorities believe the killer must be from outside the town. But as the investigation progresses, it becomes clear that the culprit is closer than anyone could have imagined.

It’s a fantastic addition to your viewing schedule if you’re a real crime podcast junkie or just like to get the chills down your spine. It’s another reminder that you may not know the people around you as well as you think, and that everyone has a dark secret.

Tuesday, March 14

Disney NHL Big City Greens Classic | Disney+

The Washington Capitals and New York Rangers will be transported from the Big Apple to the Big City in the NHL Big City Greens Classic at 7 p.m. ET. The alternate showcase for Capitals-Rangers will feature real-time volumetric animations of players and teams based on characters from the animated comedy Big City Greens.

Watch the Big City Greens Classic trailer

There are many reasons to tune in to this. This is Disney+’s first-ever attempt at live-streaming a sporting event, so there’s a definite historical point of view. It’s also one of the most unique hockey match presentations ever attempted, and should be a fun watch for kids and parents alike.

Wednesday, March 15

“Ted Lasso” season three premiere | AppleTV+

Mustache Attack is back! “Ted Lasso” and his unique brand of non-toxic positivity are back for one final go-around. Lasso got the necessary support from every member of his talented AFC Richmond team except for one: former assistant coach Nathan Shelley. ‘Nate the Great’ is now the coach of rival West Ham United and it’s a bet his club will face coach Lasso in a showdown that goes beyond football.

While spin-offs are possible, many people associated with the series have confirmed that this will be its last in its current iteration. So if you’ve been following the series closely since it debuted in 2020, you won’t want to miss the final round-robin for Beard’s coach Jamie Tartt, lively Keely Jones, and grumpy Roy Kent.

Thursday, March 16

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Premiere | Netflix

In a world divided in two by a vast barrier of eternal darkness, a young warrior discovers a force that could ultimately unite her country. But as she tries to perfect her power, dangerous forces plot against her. Thugs, thieves, assassins and saints are now at war, and survival requires more than just magic.

This series is based on the hugely popular Grishaverse, a literary universe created by author Leigh Bardugo. Season 2 will be adapted from Bardugo’s novel “The Siege and the Storm” and will continue the impressive world created in Season 1. Will Alina Starkov be able to bring much-needed light to her world?

Friday, March 17

“Home” season two premiere | Best video

Victor is a police officer who has fought all his life to curb the cocaine trade. His son is a drug addict who has become one of the most wanted burglars in Rio de Janeiro. Will a father’s love be enough to save his son’s life, or will his fall into a life of crime become irreversible?

This series will show the heartbreaking decisions of a father who wants the best for his son and knows that the system he serves is not always fair. But that doesn’t mean he can turn away from his responsibilities. The lines of good and evil blur easily when family is involved, as both men find out in unexpected ways this season.

Saturday, March 18

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Second Round | Watch with a Sling TV and Paramount+ subscription

The brackets are set, and now all that remains is to play games! The NCAA March Madness tournament kicks off Thursday, but the second round can see some of the tournament’s best action. From there, teams can sniff out Sweet 16, and once they get to Sweet 16, it’s a game for everyone.

There are several different options to watch this year’s March Madness tournament, but the cheapest way to do it is with a Sling TV and Paramount+ subscription. The Orange Sling TV plan gives users access to TBS, TNT and truTV, which will cover many but not all March Madness games on TV. To fill this gap, users should take advantage of the Paramount+ Premium 30-day free trial with promo code ACHIEVEMENTso they can watch every game on CBS live.

Sunday, March 19

Premiere of the series “Lucky Hank” | AMC+

Starring Emmy Award nominee Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) and Mireille Enos (Killing), Lucky Hank is an eight-episode midlife crisis story set at Railton College. The show’s story is told in the first person by William Henry Devereaux Jr. (Odenkirk), the unexpected chair of the English department at a very underfunded college in Pennsylvania’s rust belt.

Watch the trailer for “Lucky Hank”

Hanks has almost reached a point in his life where he no longer cares how his words are interpreted. But he still has to keep his job, no matter how mediocre he thinks the school he teaches at. This series looks quirky and full of dark humor, and with Odenkirk on board there’s a good chance of both.

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