Teamgroup Siren Duo360 CPU cooler and SSD review

The era of PCIe 5.0 SSDs has arrived. They were teased and demonstrated for months. While they’re not widely available yet, you can get them if you want. But beware, they can get very hot.

Manufacturers of motherboards and cooling systems know this. Many AMD 600 and Intel 700 series motherboards feature massive SSD heatsinks. But the problem with them is that they tend to sit next to the heat dissipating graphics card, and in some cases absorb heat instead of dissipating it. Ideally you would take the heat from the SSD and extract it. This brings me to the Teamgroup Siren Duo360 AIO cooler (opens in a new tab). It’s a 360mm CPU cooler, but its main claim to fame is its inclusion of a block to cool the high-performance SSD in a loop.

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