The construction of this power supply with connectors in the wrong places is really simple

Corsair has done the impossible: it has created a truly exciting new power supply. To achieve this magnificent feat, all the connectors were taken, made smaller and moved to the side of the power supply. NO, Other side. The end result is a power supply that is incredibly easy to build, provided you have the right enclosure.

RM1200x SHIFT specification

Corsair RMx SHIFT power supply installed in a gaming PC

(Image credit: future)

Power: 1200
Modular: Yes
Connectors: 24-pin x1, 4+4-pin x2, 12VHPWR x1, 6+2-pin dual x4, 6+2-pin single x4, SATA x16, PATA x8
OEM: Channel Well Technology (CWT)
80 Plus: Gold
Fan Size: 140mm
Price: $270 (opens in a new tab) | 260 pounds (opens in a new tab)

Fortunately, I only have this: the Corsair iCUE 5000T (opens in a new tab). This standard mid-tower is the perfect candidate to try Corsair’s new-fashioned PSU. There is enough space on the side panel for the power cables to protrude from their oddly placed connectors, about two inches, and the PSU is traditionally mounted with the fan pointing downwards.

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