The era of 100GB games has arrived, and the average PC gamer isn’t prepared for it

On the list of life’s many stressors—money, health, social injustice, wanting to buy eggs at the grocery store but not sure if there are any left in the fridge—free space on my SSD ranks surprisingly high. The new mass install of the game hits like a stab in the stomach. Each week is another dozen gigabytes closer to the need to make deep cuts. I am Really Will you go back to playing Ready or Not with my friend? That’s 92GB, which could be coming to Diablo 4 next month.

It’s amazing how often the size of a download affects whether or not I’ll play a game at all. I’ve been meaning to try Atomic Heart on Game Pass since February. Three times I started a 90GB download and three times I canceled it and did something else instead. I don’t remember ever doing that 10 years ago. Even though my internet connection was probably half as fast back then, the average high profile game was 5-10 times smaller.

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