The Wistaverse brings activism and virtual protests to the metaverse

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The Wistaverse launched into the open metaverse at The Sandbox as the first global virtual protest platform with real impact.

It is a forum for educating the public on issues, organizing speeches by influential people and speakers, organizing and raising funds for actions, enabling participation and carrying out mass virtual protests, and providing safe and non-violent alternatives for those who cannot participate in real life.

It debuts today with its inaugural protest, which will take place on May 13-14. This will be an abortion rights rally curated by Amnesty International.

The platform’s launch came during what has been dubbed the “Epoch of Mass Protests,” when global issues such as political repression, climate change and an economic slowdown define the day, with protests rising 12% globally in 10 years, the creators said.


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The Wistaverse opens in The Sandbox with Amnesty International's protest on behalf of women's abortion rights.
The Wistaverse opens in The Sandbox with Amnesty International’s protest on behalf of women’s abortion rights.

Wistaverse founder Grégoire Laugier said in a statement: “Using a virtual avatar and proxy system, Wistaverse can reduce the violence that characterizes protests in the physical world and enable widespread inclusion and access to events, regardless of participants’ location in remote geographic regions or authoritarian regimes “.

The first mass protest over abortion rights will be organized by Amnesty International and will be attended by key activists and celebrities of the movement, who will be revealed at the event.

The Wistaverse itself is a neutral space that provides other players with a platform to organize and run campaigns on topics of their choice. The human rights organization Amnesty International is behind the pro-choice platform’s inaugural protest.

As part of Amnesty’s effort to maximize outreach, Amnesty created HU.RRA, its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, to use Web3 technology to support abortion rights worldwide. As part of this event, users can purchase Amnesty’s HURRA NFT to raise funds for this cause. Future fundraisers will be boosted with the Wistaverse $WISTA utility token.

Amnesty International Belgium’s Director, Philippe Hensmans, said in a statement: “Amnesty International sees the blockchain environment as a way to sensitize new audiences to its work by addressing topics in a more interactive and decentralized way than ever before. We are excited about this partnership with Wistaverse as it allows us as a brand to start imagining what will be possible in the coming years to educate and engage new audiences about defending human rights.”

All NFT sales proceeds are distributed decentralized directly to AI and other purposes via automatic wallet transfer without an intermediary. Contributions and plans for supported protests will be documented on the Wistaverse platform and its Discord channel, and the identities of users and donors will remain anonymous.

The Wistaverse opens today at The Sandbox.
The Wistaverse opens today at The Sandbox.

Wistaverse will debut in The Sandbox, the leading decentralized virtual gaming world. Sandbox COO and co-founder Sebastien Borget said in a statement: “With over 4.5 million registered wallets, having the Wistaverse as part of our community ensures that its voices will be heard and that diversity and empowerment will remain the core of the metaverse that we are. build together. We can’t wait for our community to announce, organize and follow community actions to bring change to The Sandbox and beyond in the physical world.”

In addition to extensive social media coverage of the protests in the Metaverse, other operational digital activities are possible as suggested by the community and popular vote, such as sending mass emails or educational content and petition links to stakeholders and decision makers affected by the protest.

Powered by their $WISTA utility token, the Wistaverse code will eventually become completely decentralized, immutable, and unstoppable, much like Bitcoin. Its decentralized treasury will provide a central pot to fund protests and platform development, driven by a fee of 0.5% on platform transactions. The Wistaverse aspires to be a safe and non-violent forum for protest that is compliant and responsible. Where necessary, the platform will use zero-knowledge proofs that can confirm but not reveal users’ identities to ensure that no violent or extremist organizations can misuse the platform for fundraising. The site will provide practical information such as how protesters can protect themselves.

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