This free-to-play RPG takes you on a bloody journey through one of the darkest indie worlds

I would never want to live in The City – a dystopian megalopolis at the heart of Korean indie Project Moon’s Games, comics AND themed cafe— but it’s a fascinating place to visit. That’s what I was coming out of Limbus company, the studio’s third game and the first not exclusive to Steam. This ambitious RPG is also available on mobile devices. And free. And supported by gacha mechanics. And yes, I was worried about it as much as you.

After spending about thirty hours at Limbus (and not feeling the need to spend any money on it), I am relieved to say that it is an excellent successor The Lobotomy Company AND Ruin Library. It’s dark, bloody, and heavy in dialogue and drama. It’s also challenging, complex, and rewarding for players who want to sit back and untangle the often confusing web of combat mechanics. It’s as hardcore as mobile RPGs and much closer to its PC predecessors than its newer peers.

(Image credit: ProjectMoon)

For total newcomers to the world of Project Moon, Limbus Company is equal parts visual novel and turn-based RPG, a sequel to two other games but mechanically and narratively completely separate. In Limbus Company, an amnesiac watchmaker named Dante (you) leads a pack of twelve immortal “Sinners” (a mismatched mix of eccentrics, each loosely based on a piece of classical literature or its author) on a quest to retrieve a series of techno-magic macguffins from abandoned abandoned corporate “dungeons” beneath a dystopian cyberpunk megacity. You also operate from a carnivorous bus called Mephistopheles, which must be fed live human flesh on a regular basis. So a normal corporate concert.

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