We played an FPS with unlimited destruction that is as chaotic and wonderful as you imagine

We’ve been warned ahead of our first match in The Finals, the debut multiplayer FPS from Embark Studios that touts impressive destruction tech (opens in a new tab) since last year that it will take some time to learn how to fully utilize free-form destruction. Yes, yes (I thought), I played Battlefield. Having spent thousands of hours in the most devastating FPS, Rainbow Six Siege, I know the value of creating new doors with C4.

I quickly felt humiliated when, in the midst of a nervous deposit of cash on an exposed roof, an Embark developer on my team suggested we get out of the open by simply punching a hole under the cash register and tossing it into a building where we could easily defend it. My brain couldn’t figure it out – it’s a central capture point that’s critical to winning a game and we can just move it around with explosives?

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