Why isn’t EastEnders here tonight?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders will not be airing tonight (February 28) as the show faces more scheduling changes.

As we know, the BBC One soap is usually a fixture on Tuesday night schedules, but it has again been drawn to football.

Coverage of the FA Cup starts today on BBC One from 7.30pm as Fulham take on Leeds United in the fifth round.

inhabitants of the East


The bad news is this EastEnders will not air tomorrow night (March 1) for the same reason, with Sheffield United facing Tottenham Hotspur instead of the broadcaster.

This is the second time this month EastEnders faced schedule changes due to football.

However, fans were treated to two servings of Walford’s drama on Monday night, and the soap will return on Thursday (March 2).

Jack Branning, Denise Fox, Eastenders


A special Friday episode is also planned March 3which means production will continue to be the same throughout the week.

In a double episode last night, Whitney and Zack made the difficult decision to terminate their pregnancy for medical reasons after learning their unborn child had Edwards syndrome.

Thursday’s scenes will explore the aftermath of Whitney pushing away her loved ones as she continues to be supported by Zack.

Whitney Dean, Zack Hudson, Eastenders


Also on Thursday, Eve is unsure of what to do when she receives an invitation to Suki’s marriage blessing ceremony.

When Suki overhears Nish and Ravi talking about Mitch, a furious family argument ensues. Suki later tries to reassure Nish that he is the only man for her, but can she be persuaded?

EastEnders aired Mondays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer with the first episodes airing at 6am.

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