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Why isn’t Pete Loving starring in Daisy Jones & The Six?

Daisy Jones and the Six spoilers follow.

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are plentiful in the Prime Video adaptation Daisy Jones and the Sixwhich is loosely inspired by the cult rock band Fleetwood Mac from the 1970s, more specifically the tumultuous dynamic between the band’s lead singers Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

The ten-part series follows the titular group on their meteoric rise to superstardom, only for them to break up after one tour and a sold-out show in 1977.

Two decades later, the former members and their inner circle decide to reveal the truth behind their unexpected breakup, and from there we travel back in time to the beginnings of the band.

For the most part, it is a faithful adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s original novel. But there’s one question die-hard fans are likely to ask after watching the first three episodes: where in the world is Pete Loving?

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

In the book, Pete (bass player) and Chuck (rhythm guitarist) were the original members of the band before becoming known as The Six and teaming up with Daisy. But when Chuck dies in the war, Pete’s brother Eddie takes over the job.

However, in the series, Chuck does not die, but goes to college to pursue dentistry. (The preferred option.) Meanwhile, Pete is cut out completely, and Eddie, whose name has been changed to Roundtree, is now the band’s bassist.

Pete’s absence also means there are only five members on the team, at least until Daisy joins. But to get around this, on the show, Karen came up with her new name and hinted that the sixth member is Camila, Billy’s girlfriend.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

To be honest, Pete doesn’t play a big role in the book, which is why the showrunners decided to omit him.

“When you adapt things to television, changes inevitably occur,” explained Scott Neustadter in a recent interview with TIME. “But this one didn’t stress us out too much. The character of Pete has a role in the novel, but he doesn’t have much to say, he’s not the most dramatic. We knew that if we were going to cast Pete, the actor might want more to do.”

Although Eddie joins the team later in the book, he plays a much larger role due to his ongoing bitterness towards Billy, which makes even more sense in the series given his unrequited love for Camila.

Neustadter also explained how “eliminating Pete” allowed them to flesh out the other characters more, adding, “I hope everyone, especially Pete’s states, will forgive us after watching the show.”

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He continued, “It was really important to step into the amazing world that Taylor created to bring the supporting characters’ stories to life and to make sure they all had complete stories.

“We had to enjoy Karen and Graham’s romance to the fullest, go on Simone’s journey with her. And because of that, we just had to make sure we had enough stories to fit into the show. So RIP Pete, but I think he’s embodied a bit of him in some of our other characters.

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