Wii U eShop Spotlight – Pushmo World

Who did it?

Intelligent Systems, which is currently perhaps best known for developing the so-called Fire emblem series. The developer is a longtime Nintendo contributor working on WarioWare series, Paper Mario series, called Progressive wars series…lots of stuff.

Pushmo World was co-developed with Nintendo SPD (known for Tomodachi Life and Rhythm Heaven).

What is the premise?

It’s more Pushmo! There are 250 brand new puzzles for you to get stuck into, and it’s the same good old Pushmo formula we’ve come to know and love over the years. This third game isn’t revolutionary, but it takes advantage of what makes these games so great.

The GamePad can also be used to create your own levels, and in those days the Pushmo fair allowed you to share these levels with the rest of the world. Sadly, with the end of Miiverse in 2017, that is no longer the case. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and experiment.

There are some new blocks to push and pull in Pushmo World. Some blocks now have a timer that automatically returns to the wall after a certain amount of time. There are color blocks that if you press one, all matching colors will also reflect its movements. And other blocks sometimes do the opposite of what you tell them to do.

Why should I play it?

Pushmo is probably one of our favorite 3DS and Wii U puzzle franchises. It’s just so cozy and colorful, and honestly, who doesn’t want more of that these days?

There’s no wrong place to start in the series, but Pushmo World is a nice, shiny HD extension to the 3DS game. Honestly, the two games make quite a pair – and we’ll probably introduce them separately soon.

Also, the puzzles are never too hard, but they do make you think, so it’s a really nice balance.

How much is it?

$9.99 / £8.99 / €9.99with which you cannot go wrong. You can also get 40% off by spending some Platinum Points on this My Nintendo rewards page – you couldn’t say fairer.

We’ll be back soon with another 3DS or Wii U eShop recommendation within this “Countdown” series.. Let us know below if you already have this in your collection and share your thoughts. We also encourage you to nominate other games – we may also feature them in the coming days.

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