Wo Long Chef’s Guide: Zhang Liang’s Fallen Dynasty, tips, tricks, strategy

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty it starts by taking you through the tutorial and familiarizing you with the various controls and attacks. And then, about 15 minutes into the game, it throws you into a shockingly intense boss fight – with little or no warning – against Zhiang Liang, General Man.

It’s a real sinking or swimming moment, and it is So early in the game. It also needs you already Really comfortable with the combat system. Our Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty Zhiang Liang, the General of Man boss fight guide, will help you prepare for the fight and then walk you through both phases. (Yes Sir second phase.)

Preparations for the boss fight Zhiang Liang in Wo Long

The first boss fight comes early Wo Longso there’s not much you can do to prepare, but let’s talk about everything you can do that might help.

Practice, practice, practice

When you Rest in any Battle flagyou will have the opportunity Trip. Much later in the game, you’ll be replaying levels or completing side quests this way. Now this way you will go to additional training.

When you select Travel, use RB to tab Other. You should see a tab for Tutorial: Basic Training. Choose it. Yes, you just went through the tutorial, but this is something else. Here you will go through a longer and more detailed training session. Pay special attention to the Deflect part.

Don’t skip this step. Go do it. Do it twice. Then do it again. We promise it helps.

Level up

Throughout the tutorial, you should collect enough True Qi level up at least a few times (don’t forget to use original petals or Qi fragments from your inventory). Our recommendation is to increase each level by one level Water (decreased Spirit consumption when Reflecting) i Fire (increased Spirit drain from martial arts and increased Spirit gain when attacking).

They will also increase your health by a few points and increase your attack bonuses with the default ring pommel saber. (That’s our recommendation, but put your points into any Five Virtue Points you want to shape your character. The bottom line is that you spend Qi to level up and increase at least some stats.)

Match your gear

At this point in the game, you won’t have a huge inventory full of different weapons and armor, but you will find a few things. Check your inventory for any weapon that does more damage than what you currently have, or any armor that offers better defense than the Nameless Warrior Outfit you start with.

Keep an eye on yours Equipment weight, however, and keep it below 25%. Here’s how heavy your armor is and therefore how quickly your spirit drains while dodging and bouncing – you’ll be doing plot avoidance and reflection.

Wizards spells

We won’t go into detail here (the magic system is A Whole Thing, which you can read more about here). Plus, you’ll only have enough Qi and levels to unlock one spell in each of the five phases. However, we can talk about what works and what doesn’t.

Offensive spells won’t get you very far – your spells don’t deal much damage at this point, and the fight against Zhang Liang is fast and relentless, so you won’t have much time to backtrack and fire a few primitive spells. Look for buff spells instead.

If you have two Five Phases of Earth Virtue, you will be able to roll Reinforced defense to reduce the damage you take. If you have two points in the water, grab Cloud posture to reduce Spirit consumption when bouncing (have you noticed the theme yet?). If you have two points in metal, grab The collapse of repression to slow down the return of Zhang Liang’s spirit.

Understanding the spirit ratio

Think about Wo Long‘s Spirit as a combination of mana and stamina. You will lose Spirit when you are hit or dodged, and spend Spirit on casting spells or practicing Martial Arts. You gain Spirit when you land normal melee attacks or when you successfully deflect an attack. Both your character and every enemy (including Zhang Liang) have Spirit Gauges.

When Spirit Gauge is depleted to the bottom limit, that person (or demon) will be stunned for a few seconds, opening them up to a powerful attack – Death blow. Your goal is to avoid what happened to you, and more importantly, make sure it happens to your enemy.

Hitting an enemy with certain attacks – martial arts, sorcery, spirit attacks (Y-triangle) or reflections – also reduces the spirit gauge. This in turn makes it easier to drain their Spirit.

This will come up a lot, especially when it comes to the strategy to defeat Zhang Liang.

Ignore your companion

During this fight, your companion, the blindfolded boy, will shout out encouragement and advice, very occasionally dealing the least amount of damage possible. Don’t think about him. He will only distract you.

More importantly, when you take too much damage, he’ll say “You’re hurt…Stay behind me” or “I’ll protect you from further harm.” Both are lies. More precisely, they are just dialogues. He’s not going to protect you or do anything different. He only says things to make you feel better.

How to defeat the boss Zhang Liang – Phase 1

When you first run into Zhang Liang’s arena, he’ll give a big villain monologue – don’t worry, you’ll automatically skip him when you get killed and have to go back. When he’s done, he’ll pick up his big club and throw it in front of him. This move is mostly for show, but if you lunge straight at it, you’ll get hit.

The very beginning of the boss fight with Wo Long Zhang Liang.

Give him a moment to go through his mini-monologue.
Photo: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon

Instead, take a moment, cast a buff spell and let it come to you.

Your main objective in the first phase of this fight is to bounce with the B/circle button. You also need to deal some damage, but focus on bouncing first. You have to press the button just before hitting one of Zhang Liang’s attacks, as with parrying in most other games. However, you are not actually penalized for (trying to) rebound multiple times in a row. Practice to get the time right, but you can crush the buttons a bit if you must. In the worst case, you’ll just avoid it instead.

We will not discuss his attacks here. Just know he’s going to attack. Very. Without end. What you need to focus on is bouncing with B/circle to shorten his Spirit gauge. Each time you manage to rebound, its indicator will decrease.

Once you get more comfortable with bouncing, start mixing normals with X/square and spirit attacks with Y/triangle. These will continue to deplete his (already shrunken) spirit meter. You can see it in the GIF below – keep an eye on his spirit gauge under his health bar. The white chunks at the end come from warps that reduce his total gauge, and the red bar means he drains Spirit when we hit him. When the shrinking part is in contact with the draining part, it means it is stunned.

The first phase of this fight is less about dealing damage and more about reducing and depleting your spiritual meter so you can deal the killing blow to him. Do it two or three times and you’ll have it.

Now it’s getting interesting.

How to defeat the boss Zhang Liang – Phase 2

The good news is that you only need to empty his health bar to half to end this fight. In fact, this is also bad news.

The biggest change to the phase 2 boss fight Zhang Liang is that he now has a giant elixir powered demon arm. This greatly increases its range, but you can still deflect almost any attack. He’s also a little more aggressive.

The adjustment you need to make now is to deflect multiple attacks in a row. You can see how we fail in the video below.

You can also see how Zhang Liang ends up with his most popular Critical hit in this phase. He will wind up his demon arm and then push it forward like a battering ram. Reflecting this will (temporarily) cut off his demon hand AND dramatically reduce your Spirit Gauge. It shouldn’t take too long to stun him on Fatal Stab at this point.

However, it will grow back soon after.

He also has some new attacks to watch out for.

The first and most irritating is the so-called Earthbased on magic attack. He will turn his club around and drive it vertically into the ground in front of him. Moments later, a line of rocks will explode along the ground in your direction. It can be (mostly) recaptured, but we’ve had much better luck defending with LB.

It also adds a charge that can be a critical hit or not (when glowing red). He will turn his club sideways like a spear and charge at you. Both protect and bounce work to deal with the non-critical version, but you’ll have to bounce if he’s glowing.

He also has a rushing avalanche of critical hits. It’s a lot to deal with, but it rarely does. Protection is the best option if he’s close, but if you can, try to deflect the third biggest swing at the end to deal a lot of damage to his Spirit Gauge.

The second phase of Wo Long's fight against Zhang Liang when the Divine Beast gauge is full.

Listen to the blindfolded boy’s prompts and wait for the divine beast gauge to fill up.
Photo: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon

When you finally get him down to about half health (or just below), the blindfolded boy will call out to “unleash the power of the jade!” He makes you Summon the Divine Beast. You will also see its icon fill up on the right side of the screen and a helpful tooltip will appear on the left side.

All that’s left to do is hit Y+B/triangle+circle and bask in victory.

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