14 Tháng Bảy, 2024

Best New Songs: J. Cole x J-Hope, Nicki Minaj

As the music week draws to a close, HYPEBEAST has rounded up the best designs for its latest installment The best new songs.

This week’s lineup is led by J-Hope x J. Cole and Kali Uchis, who released the collaborative single “On The Street” and album Red Moon on Venusappropriately. Also joining this selection are deals from 6LACK, Yves Tumor, Arlo Parks, Dreamville Records artists Miley Cyrus, Masego and Che Noir from Big Ghost LTD.

J-Hope x J. Cole – “on the street”***

BTS’s J-Hope teams up with J. Cole for his latest single “On The Street”. The track comes shortly after the announcement that J-Hope will be the second BTS member to enlist in South Korea’s 18-month mandatory military service. “We would like to inform our fans that J-Hope initiated the military enlistment process by submitting a request to end his enlistment deferral,” he told BIGHIT MUSIC. “We will inform you of further updates in due course. We ask for continued love and support for J-Hope until he completes his military service and returns safely. Our company will do its best to support our artist.”

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Nicki Minaj – “Red Ruby Da Sleeze”

Nicki Minaj shares her first solo single from 2023, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze”. The track, produced by Go Grizzly and Cheeze Beats, samples Lumidee’s “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)” and hears the rapper refer to her 2018 Street Fighter-inspired by the song “Chun Li” while also addressing how she remains #1 despite not having released anything since queen.

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Kali Uchis – Red Moon on Venus

Kali Uchis releases his third studio album Red Moon in Venus featuring guest appearances by Omar Apollo, Don Toliver and Ari Lennox. The GRAMMY-winning artist reveals that “love” is the record’s central message, adding: “Red Moon In Venus is a timeless, burning expression of lust, heartbreak, faith and sincerity, reflecting the divine femininity of moon and Venus. . The moon and Venus work together to make the key aspects of love and home life work well. This collection of works represents all levels of love – freeing people with love, attracting love into your life and self-love. Many astrologers believe that a blood moon can throw emotions into a whirlwind and this is what I felt best represented the work.

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6LACK – “Since I Have a Lover”

6LACK announces their latest album Since I have a lover will be released on March 24, with the release of the title track. “Since I Have A Lover”, the title track, is the highs of wholesome love compressed into a song format. It’s a note to myself that I am no longer who I was or where I was, and that a greater purpose is beginning to emerge in the things I create,” he said in a statement. “We just push love because it’s needed. The verses are short and serve as a moment of appreciation for how I feel, and the chorus is less lyric and more feeling. It’s exhalation, it’s relief, it’s trust, it’s happiness, it’s surreal.

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Dreamville records – Creed III: Soundtrack

Dreamville artists J. Cole join forces with artists such as Big Sean, SiR, Syd, Tierra Whack, Kehlani and more to deliver the official soundtrack to Creed III, with Michael B. Jordan returning as the lead character and making his directorial debut.

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Masego- Masego

Masego shares his second studio album, Masego. The release of the same name follows 2018’s Lady Lady and features a total of 14 tracks. “I am very grateful for this journey. It has gone from a hobby to a job,” he said in a statement. “I got all the things they say you should be fulfilled, and I wasn’t fulfilled by it. I had to re-evaluate many things. I said, “I can’t do it the way I imagined.” So I can’t stay here. I have to move.’”

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Yves Tumor – “The sky surrounds us like a hood”

Yves Tumor is getting ready to release his upcoming album Praise the Lord who chews but does not devour; (Or just, hot between the worlds) which will be released on March 17, along with the new single “Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood”, which comes with a visual directed by longtime collaborator Cody Critcheloe.

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Arlo Parks – “Contamination”

Arlo Parks brings her the latest My soft machine “Contamination” single. She tells Apple Music 1: “I think it started with celebrating the new community I found in Los Angeles and the people who made me feel like myself and that I could be myself. And then I started thinking about the idea of ​​having someone complete you and take on things you don’t like and somehow save you. I thought that double meaning was really interesting.” Parks added, “I wanted it to be a quest. I wanted it to feel like I kind of drifted, and then the lyrics rooted you in people, people at home, and I love people who make me feel at home.”

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Che Noir x Big Ghost LTD – Black or never

Che Noir releases his CD produced by Big Ghost LTD, Black or never, featuring guest appearances from Flee Lord, 7xvethegenius, Planet Asia, Skyzoo, Ransom and 38 Spesh. “I contacted Big Ghost in 2021 and he sent me a bitpack while I was in quarantine after I caught Covid a second time. Black or never it’s been completed for a minute, we’ve actually been waiting for the right moment to drop it, and that time has come now. I’ve been a Big Ghost fan for a while now, so it was amazing to finally connect with him,” Noir said in a statement. “Black or never this is definitely a warm-up for what I have in store for 2023. This summer I have a self-produced CD called, Lotus childwhich I’m excited about and I’m working on an album with 7xvethegenius that will be released this year and I’m excited as well. Wait for further information. I promise I have even more.

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Miley Cyrus – “Flowers (demo)”

With the release of her album Endless Summer Vacation on March 10, Miley Cyrus shared a demo of her hit single “Flowers”, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for its sixth week.

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