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GamesBeat Summit 2023 will take us to the next level | DeanBeat

We would like to invite you to our GamesBeat Summit 2023, which will take place on May 22-23 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles. It will be accompanied by the third day of virtual content on May 24.

Our theme for the 15th annual event is The Next Level. Over the years, we’ve built the GamesBeat Summit as an event to meet gaming thought leaders. Whatever the latest gaming trend is, whether at the heart of the industry or at the edge of it, we expose you to the best thinkers – and let you learn what could disrupt gaming next.

You can register here. Please don’t delay as our very early bird prices end on March 7 and our early bird prices end on April 6. You can use my code to get 25% off: GBSDEANWEB25.

I am proud that our content is fresh. Our trends come in real time as HBO’s The Last of Us hasn’t finished its first season yet, but we know it has elevated the gaming experience. Over the past month, I’ve written half a dozen articles on the combination of generative AI and user-generated content. These trends make other hot topics feel like old news.


GamesBeat Summit 2023

Join the GamesBeat community in Los Angeles on May 22-23. Hear from the brightest minds in the gaming industry to share their updates on the latest developments.

Register here

Our commitment to the GamesBeat community is to sort out the hype, track money and analyze business trends. What do I mean by community? Well, last night I introduced a gaming startup that was seeking funding for 41 venture capitalists. I do it regularly – free of charge.

Among our recent speakers is Mike Pondsmith, founder of R. Talsorian Games and creator of Cyberpunk, the visionary sci-fi series that became the basis for Netflix Cyberpunk: Edgerunners as well as Cyberpunk 2077.

Mike Pondsmith is the CEO of R. Talsorian Games and the creator of Cyberpunk.

What is our topic about? Games always seem to reach new milestones and heights, but quite often it seems that we are not ambitious enough. We’ll talk about what it means to double your gaming performance and really take it to the next level.

The gaming industry is in a state of constant chaos and disruption, with new technologies, changing consumer behavior, changing business models, increasing competition, and social and cultural factors driving change. To succeed in this turbulent landscape, companies must face new challenges and seize emerging opportunities by finding innovative ways to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. They have to advance.

At GamesBeat Summit 2023, we will explore how the gaming industry is moving to a new level where flexibility and adaptability are key to success. Topics covered will include gaming technology and innovation, artificial intelligence, novel business models and monetization strategies, gaming communities and social responsibility, navigating intense competition, and the future of gaming and entertainment.

The summit serves as a thought-leadership platform that brings together leaders from all sectors of the video game industry ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, talent, anchor corporations, advocacy organizations, educational institutions, government, economic development, venture capital, and innovation enablers. I can’t tell you how many great deals have been made at GamesBeat events over the years. But hopefully this idea will give you some FOMO if you don’t make it to the event.

Just got back from last week’s Dice Summit, refreshed and inspired. I signed up some speakers for our event. It was good to see so many people personally enjoying the benefits of personal events and deal making. I can’t wait to celebrate together the joy of playing under one roof.

Various speakers

Some of our speakers at GamesBeat Summit 2023.

Our goal is to always have a diverse set of speakers who can speak on different topics from different perspectives.

Speakers will include Yat Siu, Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands; John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity; Maureen Fan, president of Baobab; Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games; Kylan Gibbs, CPO Inworld AI; and Ted Schilowitz, Paramount futurist, and many others.

I am pleased to report that we have good interest in sponsorship. Our Women in Gaming Breakfast will take place on the morning of May 22 and will feature Visa Head of Gaming Michelle Torrey, GamesBeat Writer Rachel Kaser, as well as some unannounced speakers.

And on May 23, we will host our first ever Diversity in Gaming Breakfast. Meta sponsored this session, which will be attended by Sheloman Byrd, COO of Streamline Studios; Alexander Fernandes, CEO of Streamline Studios; and Robin Gray, co-president of Gray Jones Media and founder of the Gayming Awards.

GamesBeat Visionary Awards

Geoff Keighley of The Game Awards chats with Laura Miele of EA at GamesBeat Summit 2021.

Speaking of awards, we’ll have the sixth annual GamesBeat Visionary Awards. We launched this award in 2018 to honor gaming industry leaders who have shown a true vision for the future.

Our past recipients of this award include Rand Miller, co-founder of Cyan and co-creator of Myst; Ted Price, founder of Insomniac Games; John Smedley, head of studio at Amazon Game Studios San Diego; Laura Miele, Lead Game Director at Electronic Arts; and Sarah Bond, vice president of developer experience and ecosystem at Microsoft.

As part of this program, we also award the annual Up and Comer Award. Our previous winners of this award were Eve Crevoshay, Executive Director of Take This; creator Natasha “ZombaeKills” Zinda; and Dinga Bakaba, studio head and co-director at Arkane Lyon, a Bethesda studio. This award honors someone who shows promise when it comes to achievements in the gaming industry. It is not based on age or experience in the gaming industry. Rather, it recognizes that the greatest potential of the honored lies ahead.

Our judges include Christina Heller, CEO of Metastage; Ted Price, Insomniac Games; John Smedley, former studio head at Amazon Games; Ivan Lobo, founder of Gamelab; Tammy McDonald, adviser to Griffin Gaming Partners; Don Daglow, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, The Strong; and Shu Yoshida, head of PlayStation Indies, Sony Interactive Entertainment. (I’m still planning to add more judges and we’re looking for a prize sponsor.)

John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies.

We take our responsibility for the treatment of our speakers seriously. The event is our flagship conference of the year and will focus on the changes taking place at the core of the gaming industry.

We will have visionaries and industry experts, Ryan McDermott of Resolute Partners Group, focused on the gaming market, to help us sort out the economic and market views that are relevant to gaming in 2023. Omid Rahmat from Jon Peddie Research will talk about metaverse tools. And Richard Hoeg of Hoeg Law takes us through gaming laws and regulations. Tom Pigott, CEO of Ludo.ai, takes us through the implications of generative AI for game development.

I’m busy recruiting some of the metaverse, gaming, and Hollywood champions – because the forces that come together and elevate gaming culture into the mainstream may be strong enough to snap us out of the current industry funk and into the next generation of gaming.

We will organize content, networking and fun events for people that will last several days in an elegant setting.

Our moderators are also game veterans, including Lisa Cosmas Hanson, president of Niko Partners; Michael Metzger, partner at Drake Star Partners; Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable; David Higley, managing director of Lazard; Rachel Kaser, GamesBeat writer; and Jordan Fragen, writer for GamesBeat.

There is still time to help fill the agenda with earned and sponsored sessions. We promise to focus on the highest quality conversations conducted by the brightest people in the industry who can show us the way. I hope to see you there.

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