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Shirtless Tony Harrison mocks Tim Tszyu at the final press conference

By Sam Volz: Shirtless, Tony Harrison played mind games with Tim Tszyu and made him look anxious at the end of Thursday’s press conference ahead of their Saturday night bout at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia.

Former WBC junior middleweight champion Harrison (29-3-1, 21 KOs) said the reason he came to the press conference shirtless is because he wanted Tszyu (21-0, 15 KOs) to see where he could hit him. his body in combat.

Harrison said he didn’t want to catch Tszyu by hiding something until fight night, so he showed him his body so he could “dream”. This remark by Harrison made Tszyu perplexedly laugh, and he began a process in which he became increasingly nervous.

It was clear that Harrison was messing with Tszyu the whole time, saying weird things to get a reaction, and it worked perfectly. By the time the press conference ended, Harrison had full control over Tszyu’s emotions and played him like a violin.

It will be interesting to see if he can forget all that on fight night and fight the way he needs to beat Harrison.

Harrison wants Tszyu to witness his greatness

“Tim keeps talking about how skinny and frail I look. I just want Tim to visualize what you want to touch and what you want to destroy. I want you to see this,” Tony Harrison said shirtless during Thursday’s press conference with Tim Tszyu.

“What you see is what you get. I’m not hiding from you. I’m not catfishing. I’ve come to show you exactly what you’re about to see. I want you to dream about me. “Oh, I want to hit that spot right there” – Harrison said.

“Of course he is a hungry fighter. He definitely looks hungry in every possible way,” Tim Tszyu said of Harrison. “It looks dry, but it looks ready. No, but that sounds like excuses to me,” Tszyu said when told Harrison thought he expected to fade out late.

“There is no reason to blame certain losses on certain things. Take it on your chest and move on.”

“It means everything to him. I let him witness my greatness,” said Harrison. “I’m giving him a chance. It means everything to him. Fighting for me is fun. I fought every day of my life.”

Harrison looked thin, but also very athletic and tall. It’s not hard to imagine him trying to keep Tszyu confined to the outside during a fight, especially if he’s uncomfortable with his power.

Harrison probably learned the lesson from his second fight with Jermell Charlo that he can’t afford to go into the trenches with powerful boxers, especially once he’s proven he can beat him from the outside.

Tony says Tszyu looked like a “diva”

“I don’t think he has to endure half of what I have. This fight is fun for me. Press conferences are fun for me. I feel great. I don’t know what excuse he’s making, but I’m ready. He got out of that car like a diva.

“You have someone who will open the door for you. I’m not talking about what suit you’re wearing. I said you got out of the car like a diva. You had someone open the door for you. Hurry up; he’s different. But like I said, I’m not knocking him.

“I am the opposite. I tipped my hat to the side and he’s wearing a suit. I’m not angry about it. We got on the same boat on Sunday evening. We’ll see who succeeds,” said Harrison.

“I don’t mind all the stars,” said Tszyu. “I was in the sport for a reason, so 28 years of hard work has come down to this point.

“We light up on Sunday night. It doesn’t matter. All this diva with me driving the car. I just throw punches. I just do it the way it should be done,” Tszyu said.

Tszyu doesn’t like Harrison

“I like him. I don’t think he understands how cliché he is, but I like him,” Harrison said. “It’s him. I don’t knock him. It’s him, but I like him.

“I don’t like him now. I’m ready to fight, no,” said Tszyu.

“He likes me,” said Harrison.

“There are no kisses or hugs in his world, but I come here to fight. There is a dog in me now,” said Tszyu.

“We’ve got a fight on our hands, but you like me,” said Harrison. “You like me.”

“Why should I like you? I will fight you,” said Tszyu. “I’m going to punch you in the face in the next few days.” Why should I like you?

“I’m different. All of Australia likes me. It’s hard not to love me,” said Harrison. “It’s hard for you to say that now.”

“You’re a funny guy; I’ll give you this one,” Tszyu said. “Honestly, it doesn’t do anything to me. I’m just focused. He’s a good talker, he’s a good type of banter guy. There’s something of a comedian about him. Everyone is different in what we do, how we approach and how wise we are in terms of personality. Let him be himself.

“Drown. I’m coming here for a dogfight, man. I’m going to try to repeat the story of what happened to him in the past and drown him,” said Tszyu.

“What it says, I already know how the fight goes from round one to round twelve if it goes that far,” said Harrison.

“You will be shocked,” said Tszyu.

“I understand he’ll drown it and keep my head underwater,” said Harrison. “He’ll chain me to a brick and throw it into the ocean.”

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